Dan Greenberg by Dan Greenberg

7 Open-Source Test Automation Frameworks

As we enter the last quarter of 2017, TestProject's team decided to wrap up for you the best open-source test automation frameworks out there, and to help you choose the right one for you! Here are the pros and cons of 7 different open-source test...

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Karen Teboulle by Karen Teboulle

The Top 8 Test Automation Articles of 2017!

It seems that the growing test automation community will soon take over the entire world, or at least that of the testing world! This growth leads to a vast amount of articles and expert opinions in the test automation field. Therefore, in order to help...

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Miljan Radojičić by Miljan Radojičić

TestNG Tutorial: Introduction, Installation, Features and Examples

Welcome to TestNG tutorial where I will go into detail all about this powerful test automation framework from start to finish: installation instructions, a list of features and advantages including a comparison between TestNG vs. JUnit, and will...

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Yoni Flenner by Yoni Flenner

20 Fundamentals for a Successful Test Automation Infrastructure

In software testing, in order to prepare a successful test automation project, one must understand first its components and how to ensure sustainability and maximize performance. These are 20 fundamentals every software engineer has to complete in order...

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Asya Galinsky by Asya Galinsky

Report Module Implementation in a Test Automation Framework

In this tutorial for Creating a test automation framework with C#, Selenium 3 and Nunit, we will learn how to implement the report module we created in our test automation framework in the previous tutorial . First, we’ll begin with the creation of a...

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Asya Galinsky by Asya Galinsky

How to Create a Cross Browser Compatible Test Automation Framework

In this tutorial we’ll be learning about the first step in Designing the architecture of a Selenium test automation framework with C# and NUnit: developing the ability for cross browser testing on IE, Chrome and Firefox. Meaning, the engineer or...

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Asya Galinsky by Asya Galinsky

How to Use Data Driven with Selenium Test Suite

This tutorial is the final step in Creating a Test Automation framework with C#, Selenium Webdriver 3 and Nunit. After Creating a functional testing flow with multiple test cases in the previous tutorial, we’ll now learn how to use data driven with...

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