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7 Steps to Find a Job in QA With No Previous Experience

This time I’m not going to talk about automation testing, but rather share my 2 cents on how to find a job in QA with no previous experience. So you finished a software testing course at college/university/bootcamp and now you want to find a job… How can you do this in the most efficient &...

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Free Appium AI Tools for Mobile Testing Are Finally Here

TestProject is proud to introduce the first-ever free Appium AI tools, extending the existing AI tools for Selenium (that were released in August 2020). This groundbreaking new...

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Flutter App Automation Testing for iOS using Appium & TestProject

Flutter app automation testing for iOS devices can be a challenging task using any automation framework available, including Appium. The phenomenon you will observe while...

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Regular Expressions in SpecFlow Step Definitions

If you're reading this article, I suspect you already know what SpecFlow and BDD are, so I won't insist on this. If you are not yet familiar with SpecFlow, check out this article...

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Mocking Observables in JavaScript Tests

There are different ways to test components that involve Observables. You might come across tests that are not written properly. These tests are sometimes only green accidentally...

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The Testing Mindset Myth

I spent a significant amount of my career in the role of a dedicated testing specialist. I worked at Microsoft leading a variety of cross-company initiatives when we had 10,000...

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What is Software Testing? All The Basics You Need

Testing, testing... What is software testing? 🤔 Software testing is a process to assess the functionality of an application with an aim to find whether the developed software...

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