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Shadow DOM Elements and Using TestProject’s OpenSDK {Part 2}

At the end of our 1st Part of this Shadow DOM series, we were left with so many questions in our mind. So let’s catch-up one-by-one and solve that conundrum. I hope you will 💗 it! Q: Can a QA Automation engineer interact with custom elements WITHOUT appending Shadow DOM? So let’s try legacy selectors...

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What Are The Benefits of End to End Testing?

If you've ever heard about end to end testing before (e2e testing), then you probably heard about how difficult it is to maintain such tests and how flaky they can be. People...

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Selenium Conference 2020 – A Bundle of Educational Sessions

This year we were proud to be a Platinum Selenium Conference 2020 sponsor, connecting and "meeting" with QA engineers, test automation experts, developers from all across the...

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Striking a Balance Between Manual and Automated Testing

The title of this blog post was taken from a question which was asked by an attendee at TestCon 2020 to the discussion panel that I was a part of. We sadly ran out of time so...

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Selenium Quiz for Ninjas – Scale Up Your Selenium Knowledge

Feel like you know Selenium to its core? Familiar with some of the commands? Looking to increase your knowledge? Need more experience? This Selenium quiz is for you! Discover...

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Defect Tracking: 5 Common Reasons for Bug Rejection

As testers, defect tracking and reporting are key aspects within our role, as it is crucial to communicate such results back to our developers or higher management in order to...

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Who is a SDET? Birth of the SDET Role

In my recent post on LinkedIn, it was evident that there is confusion among the community as to who is a SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) and a lot of discussion...

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