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The World’s Largest Free Test Automation Library

We all know the vast value GitHub, StackOverflow and other online development communities have on the end result we push to our production code. It’s a natural way to get stuff done, fast! Find something that already works, something close to what you need, take a copy of it, use it as a starting point...

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CI/CD Benefits, Challenges and Best Practices for Your Team

Automation has paved its way into almost every field now. From car assembly to prediction systems to testing software, automation is everywhere! Actually, we want it to be...

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How to be a Customer Obsessed Tester

In today’s world, there is no business without customers. Businesses need to delight customers and exceed their expectations. Your customers can access a huge number of...

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Exception Handling and Custom Exception in Test Automation

“Have you handled exceptions in your test automation code? What kind of information is the exception handling mechanism providing to you? Is that information useful to the...

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Contemporary Exploratory Testing

As the month changed, we had just completed a major release. I had been working on it for the last year, and it had started before my time in the organization. 12 subsystems, end...

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7 Things You Should Consider Before Testing Applications

When I started working as a software developer, it seemed that development was the only thing in software engineering. Which is obviously a myth that got busted with the passing...

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Advanced XPath Locators for UI Test Automation

XPath is one of the most important locators we use in Selenium when we need to interact with elements that don't have unique IDs, names, or classes. Some XPaths are quite...

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End-to-End Test Automation Without Limitations

Create your web or mobile tests with TestProject’s best-in-class codeless recorder, and store them on our secured hybrid cloud or locally offline.

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