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API Testing 101

Many software testers may perceive that the software testing landscape is changing. More and more testing positions are requiring you to have coding abilities. The software industry as a whole is evolving. It’s no longer just about installing a program on your computer. A vital skill for testers will be the ability to swiftly learn...

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A Comparison of Kubernetes and Docker

This blog is a comparison of Kubernetes and Docker, which are two popular terms in organizations that work on very large-scale projects 🥇 They both bring out their own set of...

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A Complete Guide to Test Automation Framework

The most difficult moment for a Quality Assurance Engineer is to choose what to use to automate tests. There are lots of tools and frameworks, and both for beginners and for...

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What Problem Are You Trying To Solve?

Fully automated testing! Is this the holy grail of testing? Is it even possible? Does the statement itself even make sense? It seems that if you want to generate a lot of heat...

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10 More Useful Git Commands You Should Know

This is a follow-up to the 10 common Git commands article that I wrote a while back and contains some other useful commands that can help in our work. If you understand the...

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When to Stop Testing

This topic is something I find quite interesting to speak about with fellow testers or people I interview. I get all sorts of answers such as “I will continue testing until I...

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Automating Vaccine Availability in Co-WIN

As COVID-19 has brought this world to a standstill, we as humans are battling it out. Getting vaccinated is one of the key ways to fight this virus. All countries have started...

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TestProject X is Coming!

Get ready for a major TestProject X release with new capabilities that will break the biggest barrier in test automation today and change the testing world as you know it. Hurry up and save your front-row seat for an event to remember!
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