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Switching to Web Test Automation and Selenium Starts with TestProject!

In this article (which is part of our TestProject webinar which was hosted on Nov. 5th 2019) we are going to discuss how anyone who is interested in web automation testing and has little or no knowledge in Selenium can switch to TestProject with Zero effort! In the webinar itself we’ve discussed the steps to...

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Working Effectively with SpecFlow Tables

In this series of five articles, I want to help you get started with using SpecFlow in your test automation project. In this final chapter, we’re going to take a look at how...

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Running Cucumber Scenarios in Parallel & NOT Feature Files

When the Cucumber Scenarios are atomic (having no dependency on each other), there is NO point in running the feature files in parallel for faster execution. The scenarios in...

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Why Should Testers Start Learning Build Management Tools?

A few months back, I was going through some posts related to Test Automation in Quora. Suddenly a question posted by an anonymous user caught my attention – “What is Maven in...

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Black Box and White Box Techniques for Software Testing

Software testing is not just about finding bugs, it's about investigating, analyzing and ensuring that your delivery will be of quality, and in every way possible (quality of code...

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Automating 2FA with Google Authenticator and TestProject

Some applications contain sensitive information, therefore require an extra layer of security besides just username and password. There are a lot of ways to add that extra layer...

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The Power of TestNG (Test Next Generation)

In this tutorial of three articles, my goal is to share knowledge regarding Test Next Generation (TestNG). TestNG is a powerful Test Framework for testing Java code. A Test...

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