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How I Made A New TestProject Addon For Appium

As a lead maintainer of the Appium project, I was very excited to learn about TestProject building a test building and running tool on top of Appium and Selenium. Recently, I was even more excited to see that this tool was going free for public use! I’ve had a chance to play around with it...

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Agile Takes Test Automation To The Next Level!

What is Agility? Why is everyone talking about Agile these days? What are the outcomes we get after we implement Agile practices? Do we want to increase productivity and...

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Can Test Automation Exist While Working within Agile Environments?

The word 'agile' has become so trendy that people can't live without it anymore. The interesting part is that almost every work advertisement mentions that an 'agile organization'...

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How to Measure the Value of your Test Automation?

Organizations aspire to accomplish the trifecta of speed, quality, and cost to remain competitive. Organizations are embracing trends like Agile, DevOps, test automation,...

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Shifting Right with Testing and Monitoring in Production

Many testing leaders over the last several years have been advocating shifting left, meaning getting involved earlier in the design and development process. By understanding the...

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Test Automation Is A Culture: Let Your Team Embrace It

Quality of any application or product you deliver is key to keep your reputation intact. The Quality Assurance process that you follow would be central to this. As new...

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Is It Too Late to Start Learning Selenium WebDriver in 2020?

Just in time for new year resolutions coming up the corner in a month, you may think about positive changes to make in your life. Like losing weight, starting to exercise,...

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