Jim Hazen by Jim Hazen

First Steps to Automation in Testing

A few years ago a colleague of mine said to me, "You've got some excellent material in your presentations. Have you ever thought about writing a book?". At first I didn't take the suggestion seriously, but later on, while readying another talk for a...

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Karen Teboulle by Karen Teboulle

Test Distribution with Appium, Selenium Grid and TestProject

In this webinar, Jonathan Lipps (Appium's Architect and Project Lead) talks about mobile test distribution and describes what it takes to go from running your test suite on one device at a time to 2 devices at a time – setting up multiple Appium servers...

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by Kristin Jackvony

The Positive Outcomes of Negative Testing

As software testers and automation engineers, we often think about the "Happy Path"- the path that the user will most likely take when they are using our application.  When we write our automated UI tests, we want to make sure that we are automating...

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by AutomationPanda

Python BDD Framework Comparison – The Pros and Cons

Almost every major programming language has BDD test frameworks, and Python is no exception. In fact, Python has several! So, how do they compare, and which one is best? Let’s find out. Head-to-Head Comparison of Python BDD frameworks behave...

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by Daniel Knott

5 Tips To Improve Your Mobile Testing Skills

The overall quality should always have the highest priority on every software product. This is especially the case for mobile products, since mobile customers have much higher expectations of the software running on their personal devices. To keep up with...

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Karen Teboulle by Karen Teboulle

Test Automation Challenge – Share Your Superpowers!

A test automation challenge that will enable you to share your superpowers with the entire automation community!   What’s the challenge? This 15-minute test automation challenge is all about combining API and UI tests for better coverage and...

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Louise Gibbs by Louise Gibbs

The Bugs Are Already Here! – The Testing Pyramid & Game of...

Spoilers are coming! Please be advised that this blog post will include details of major events that take place in season 8 episode 3 of Game of Thrones. This weeks episode of Game of Thrones saw the long awaited Battle of Winterfell. This was easily the...

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by Faiz Modi

What’s New In Selenium 4?

You might be aware that Selenium 4 Alpha release has been launched a few days ago (although there has yet to be any official announcement on the matter). Naturally, you might be wondering whether you should migrate your existing Selenium Project from...

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Dan Greenberg by Dan Greenberg

News From The Test Automation Community – TestProject Review!

We've got some news from the test automation community - A TestProject Review! TestProject's test automation platform has been reviewed by Faiz Modi, an automation enthusiast and quality assurance expert!  ;-) Check out what he had to say about...

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Karen Teboulle by Karen Teboulle

Create Recorded Tests with TestProject (No Coding Skills Required!)

The opinion on "record and playback" is diverse, and there are some in the test automation community that don’t find recorded tests to be as beneficial as coded tests. However, if utilized while incorporating best practice to enhance the automated test...

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Yoni Flenner by Yoni Flenner

Rock SOLID Test Automation

Do you already have a written test automation project? Awesome! Now, are you satisfied with how it is written? How do you even know if it's written correctly? In test automation projects, like any other software project, we follow a set of principles and...

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Nir Tal by Nir Tal

How to Stabilize Your Automation using Telnet, Java and PowerShell

In this article, I will demonstrate the use of a custom Telnet function that I have created as a precondition to running our E2E testing. The function uses a Java API that interacts with PowerShell console named jPowerShell. The Problem Some systems...

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