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TestProject Conducting Survey on State of Open Source Testing

TestProject is excited to announce the launch of a first-of-its-kind survey to investigate holistic trends across the open source testing landscape. This 15-minute survey is being...

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SpecFlow Joins TestProject in the Tricentis Open Source Family

Today, we are excited to announce that SpecFlow is joining TestProject in the Tricentis Open Source Family. SpecFlow is the largest and most trusted technology specific BDD...

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Get Started with SpecFlow in your Test Automation Project

In this series of five articles, I want to help you get started with using SpecFlow in your test automation project. Here’s what you can expect to learn more about: The...

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Natural Language Process (NLP) Addon with Magic Object Model

Hello, I'm Paul Grossman, aka the Dark Arts Wizard! I'm a Test Automation Framework Architect / SDET for 19 years. This article gives an overview of a Natural Language Process...

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BDD, SpecFlow and The SpecFlow Ecosystem

In this series of five articles, I want to help you get started with using SpecFlow in your test automation project. In this chapter, we’ll take a close look at creating...

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Writing Gherkin for Powerful Test Automation

In this article, you will learn some of the best practices that can be followed to write effective Gherkin scenarios that make your test automation more meaningful and powerful....

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Python BDD Framework Comparison – The Pros and Cons

Almost every major programming language has BDD test frameworks, and Python is no exception. In fact, Python has several! So, how do they compare, and which one is best?...

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The Leading Test Automation Methods Are Revealed!

TestProject's team conducted a research to draw a full picture of the leading functional test automation methods and best practices that are used by companies across the globe:...

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