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Postman Quiz – Test Your Knowledge!

Postman Quiz - Test Your Knowledge


There's no doubt that Postman is great for API Testing.

But, the question is - do you know everything about it?

Test your knowledge with this Postman quiz!

Postman is:

Newman is a command-line collection runner for Postman.

It is possible to define a repeat value so one request will be sent several times.

Which is the correct form to insert an environment variable into a script in tests tab?

How would you access the value of the variables from a data file inside prerequisite and test scripts?

How would you get a Response Header message?

How would you use Postman Chrome app to read and write cookies?

What happens when the dynamic variable {{$randomInt}} is added?

Does Newman support file uploads?

Assume you get the following response for a request:


  "timestamp": 1491748899439,

  "status": 401


What command do you use to save the timestamp in an environment variable called “token”?

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