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Selenium WebDriver 4: New Window, New Tab & Screenshots

In this 2nd Selenium 4 article, we are going dive into three Selenium WebDriver 4 features. The 1st Selenium 4 feature is switching focus to a new browser window. The 2nd Selenium...

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Design Patterns in Test Automation

This article highlights the design patterns & architectural considerations to take into account when building a Selenium-based / Appium-based Test Automation Framework. The...

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Top 10 API Testing Tools to Watch in 2020

If you're like many companies out there, API's (Application Programming Interface) are becoming a frequent topic of conversation, if they weren't being talked about constantly...

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Robot Framework: Tips for Writing Automated Test Cases

Creating great automated test cases is not an easy task. Especially in a hectic environment in which the client requires effects as soon as possible. To be honest, this demanding,...

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Database Testing with Great Expectations

  “Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There’s no better rule.” -- Great Expectations – Charles Dickens Back in April we ran our first East...

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Testing GraphQL API

In the previous chapter, we reviewed some of the basics of GraphQL, differences between REST and GraphQL and core concepts of GraphQL. Now let's understand more about some of the...

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Criteria for Selecting the Right Functional Testing Tools

Selecting the right functional testing tools is pivotal for any testing team. This would be a game-changing decision for testing teams who are moving into the world of automated...

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Selenium Switch Methods (Chapter 5)

In this 5th and final Selenium article, we will dive into the Switch Methods. Switch Methods are designed for switching to frames, alerts, and windows. Our Test Script must switch...

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