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Targeting iOS-Specific Gestures With The iOS Gesture Toolkit Addon

I recently finished up work on a TestProject addon that I'm pretty excited about, which gives you access to certain iOS-specific gestures. What do I mean by "iOS-specific...

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TestProject Announces New Adaptive Wait Capability

Did you know? Simple async waits are believed to cause up to 45% of test flakiness and failures. TestProject’s new adaptive wait capability is smart enough to eliminate these...

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How to Successfully Implement A Test Tool

In one of the courses we teach, we classify anything that helps you test as a test tool. That can range from a simple checklist to a sophisticated test suite with all the bells...

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Test Automation Mentality Gone Wrong

Imagine you live on an island in the Pacific Ocean, and it’s the middle of World War II. [You probably don’t actually know the war is going on, being that you live in the...

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Introduction to Consumer Contract Testing

Microservices are becoming increasingly popular in the landscape of Service-Oriented Architecture, and one strategy to test Microservices is Contract Testing. Microservices...

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Accessibility Testing Best Practices

In the first two articles of this series, we've discussed the importance of accessibility testing: What is web accessibility testing, what types of accessibility testing are...

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Continuous Testing Strategy to Revolutionize Product Quality

Continuous Integration has become part and parcel of the software world today. There is a conception that Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice, which is practiced...

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Clean Code in Tests: What, Why and How?

As testers, we want the features we release to the customers to have a high level of quality. It should be the same with the code we write for our automation tests. We want to...

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