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A Beginner’s Guide to Command Line Interface (CLI)

Let’s start this post with a “high-tech” movie scene. The protagonist wants to enter a building and steal some confidential files but there are cameras everywhere. He hires...

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A Guide on How to Test Cloud-Native Applications

Moving towards Cloud-Native and taking architectural/design approaches to create Cloud-Native applications is a trend nowadays (for good reasons), and this trend is not going to...

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5 Crucial Software Testing Procedures Not To be Missed

Software testing procedures play a critical role in the software development cycle, not only because they are used to identify potential bugs in a software program. They are...

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Software Testing Using Node.js

Software testing is very important – without it, bugs sneak into the wild where they’re more difficult and expensive to fix. Automating testing can significantly increase test...

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Test Automation Pipelines for Modern CI Flows

The web and the mobile application development and release cycles have evolved dramatically over the past years. With the rising demand for agility, everything is about speed and...

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Testing and the Path to Quality

In my last two posts here, I talked about whether developers could test, then how they should own testing (or at least, test automation). Discussions about quality and testing...

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Getting Started with TestProject Java OpenSDK

Test Automation is hard to do well! There are many different things to consider. Not only do you have to think about how to write good code, but you also need to understand how to...

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Running Automated Tests in Parallel with TestNG

Running automated tests in parallel can be a time saver. When we have TestNG tests, we have multiple options for running our tests in such a way. We only need to perform a few...

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End-to-End Test Automation Without Limitations

Create your web or mobile tests with TestProject’s best-in-class codeless recorder, and store them on our secured hybrid cloud or locally offline.

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