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Defect Tracking: 5 Common Reasons for Bug Rejection

As testers, defect tracking and reporting are key aspects within our role, as it is crucial to communicate such results back to our developers or higher management in order to...

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Shadow DOM Elements and Using TestProject’s OpenSDK {Part

At the end of our 1st Part of this Shadow DOM series, we were left with so many questions in our mind. So let's catch-up one-by-one and solve that conundrum. I hope you will 💗...

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TestProject SDK (v1) vs. OpenSDK (v2)

Recently, we’ve released a completely new and open source SDK (v2) with Python, Java and C# bindings, named OpenSDK. The philosophy behind OpenSDK is to have a single SDK that...

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AI in Test Automation – Discover How it Works

When discussing AI in test automation, you might be thinking: "Oh well, here's another buzzword in our testing field"... But let's face it, AI (Artificial Intelligence) "buzzword"...

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CI/CD with Azure DevOps and TestProject OpenSDK

In our last post, we discussed the power of TestProject’s API for integrating with Azure DevOps Service and running automated tests in TestProject as part of your CI/CD flow. In...

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TestProject OpenSDK with Cucumber, TestNG and ExtentReport

In this post, we will discuss working with all new TestProject OpenSDK to write native Selenium code of an existing code which is powered by the following: Selenium WebDriver...

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Overcome 7 Selenium Challenges with TestProject’s Smart Recorder

Selenium is by far the most popular open source automation framework for functional testing of web applications, with over 81% of respondents using it, according to our State of...

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TestProject’s Smart Recorder Adds AI-Powered Self-Healing Technology

TestProject is proud to unveil a major step forward as the leader in coded and codeless test automation. Following on our recent release of our updated developer OpenSDK, we have...

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