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Selenium JavaScript Automation Testing Tutorial For Beginners

Users play a vital role in the success of any product, especially when it comes to user interface - we cannot compromise. We need to introduce functional automation testing to our...

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Selenium Python Beginners Tutorial for Automation Testing

You would be hard pushed to work in testing without being, at least, aware of Selenium WebDriver. Selenium WebDriver is a great addition to any testers tool belt. It offers cross...

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Consumer Driven Contract Testing [Webinar Recording]

In the previous blog posts of this series, we gave an introduction to consumer-driven contract testing, writing contract tests using Pact JS, Pact Java, and Spring Cloud Contract,...

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Are Best Practices Really The Best?

When trying to tackle a common problem, or plan a fresh idea, referring to a best practice might be something that seems like an excellent convention to follow. Wikipedia...

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Introduction and Getting Started with GraphQL

It's 2020 and the need for being digitally available has become a demand. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe you'd agree that it has become an utmost necessity. Having an...

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Testing with Feature Toggles

Feature toggles (also known as switches or flags) allow certain features within an application to be added or removed with the flick of a switch. The feature can be activated or...

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Don’t Miss Tricentis User Conference 2020!

TestProject is proud to be a sponsor of Tricentis User Conference 2020 on June 19th, 2020 at 12pm IST 🎉 This year marks the third annual Tricentis User Conference, which has...

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Integrating Consumer Contract Testing in Build Pipelines

In the previous articles, we discussed how we can use Pact for consumer-driven testing using JavaScript, Java and Spring Cloud. In this chapter, we will look into Consumer Driven...

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