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CI/CD with Azure DevOps and TestProject OpenSDK

In our last post, we discussed the power of TestProject’s API for integrating with Azure DevOps Service and running automated tests in TestProject as part of your CI/CD flow. In...

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Let Your Team Enter the World of Full Stack Testing

Many teams aim only to have a bug free system. Seldom do they believe in delivering true quality. Rarely do they realize that skipping non-functional testing like performance and...

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TestProject OpenSDK with Cucumber, TestNG and ExtentReport

In this post, we will discuss working with all new TestProject OpenSDK to write native Selenium code of an existing code which is powered by the following: Selenium WebDriver...

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Overcome 7 Selenium Challenges with TestProject’s Smart Recorder

Selenium is by far the most popular open source automation framework for functional testing of web applications, with over 81% of respondents using it, according to our State of...

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Shift Left and QA Responsibilities

You probably have heard this expression many times already. Shift-Left QA is a movement about changing the approach where we constantly improve the quality of the software. In the...

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The Importance of a QA Environment 

QA environments are something I hear a lot about; it's an environment I have tested on throughout my career and this always comes up in a new project: “Have we thought about a...

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TestProject’s Smart Recorder Adds AI-Powered Self-Healing Technology

TestProject is proud to unveil a major step forward as the leader in coded and codeless test automation. Following on our recent release of our updated developer OpenSDK, we have...

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Setup GitHub Actions for Python Automation within CI/CD Pipeline

This article will cover client-side testing interactions with TestProject, pytest, and run it inside of GitHub actions. If your GitHub repo is public, this will be 100% free. This...

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