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5 Simple Steps to Appium Mobile Automation Reports in C#

It's no secret that these days mobile testing has an increasingly important role in many organizations, and Appium is one of the most popular tools for mobile automation. Combine...

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Strategies & Tips For Improving Your Testing Reputation

At Testflix 2020 (the first-ever global testing binge coming up this Saturday, Nov. 28th!), I am delivering a short, binge-worthy talk all about the Power Of Reputation. As...

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Mocking Dependencies in Integration Tests with Nock

The software industry is trending toward integration tests for their ability to provide code confidence. However, they are tedious to set up and external influences — a...

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Share Your Automation Without Limits

Following our exciting Share Center announcement and to kick off this awesome new capability, we're sharing with you this "Check my weather" automated test: enabling you to get...

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Measuring Code Coverage from API Workflow & Functional UI Tests

This article takes you through the process of measuring code coverage, understanding why it is important, and demonstrating how to implement code coverage. Table of Contents ...

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Robot KDT Reports You Love Are Now in The Cloud!

We are very excited to announce that starting from today, you can work on your Robot Framework tests you love straight from TestProject's platform! 🤖 If you are a true fan of...

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Top 8 Bug Tracking Tools – Which One Should You Use?

We often discuss how defect tracking is necessary for the software development life cycle and how important it is to write a good bug report... 🐞 But why is bug tracking so...

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The Mindset of Developers: Angular vs. React vs. Vue [Part 2]

In the previous chapter, we talked about the differences between code libraries and frameworks 👨‍💻 In this chapter, we are going to dive deeper into understanding the...

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