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The Selenium Handbook

The Selenium Handbook is a reference to understanding Selenium. By the end, you will know how to locate elements on a web page and create your own test scripts. Plus read about...

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CSS Selectors You Need to Know: Cheat Sheet

This article covers some of the most important CSS selectors for Selenium WebDriver, explaining the syntax and how to identify web elements. At the end of the post, you can find a...

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Working with TestProject & Bitrise for CI/CD Pipelines

In the advancement of the Agile era, frequent releases and faster feedback have become vital for software teams. To keep this cycle constantly up and running nothing could beat...

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Logging Test Automation Information with Log4j

We run our automated tests either on our local machines or in CI systems. In some cases, we cannot see what the tests are doing. When it is an API test, unless it provides some...

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A Developer’s Guide to Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Developers are important to many companies in helping to develop applications and other tools. They are sometimes expensive employees to hire because of their skills &...

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Top 5 Trending Test Automation Actions

In my previous article, we discussed TestProject's Test Automation Addons Library and shared ways the community can contribute to making it even greater. The Addons Library...

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10 Quality Metrics For Test Automation

Your organization has invested time and money into automating a portion of its testing. You've built your framework, scripted your tests, and now they're running and...

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Distributed Execution for Test Automation

When it comes to Selenium web testing, sooner or later a need for scalability arises and instead of executing tests on a single browser, we want to cover all the possible options...

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