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Is Mobile Testing A Challenge?

“As ironic as it seems, the challenge of a tester is to test as little as possible. Test less, but test smarter.” — Federico Toledo  The mobile application industry is...

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How to Test Location-based Mobile Applications?

We are living in an era of technology. In this modern world, we sleep, eat, drink using technology, and in short, we breathe technology. But the most useful innovation of...

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Creating Mobile Appium Tests with TestProject Python SDK

In a previous blog post, you have seen how to get started with the brand new TestProject Python SDK and add the power of the TestProject platform to your existing Selenium-based...

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10 Android UI Automation Testing Hacks

Quality is king when it comes to mobile application testing. When we download apps that don’t work as they should, the most common response is to uninstall the app from our...

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Design Patterns in Test Automation

This article highlights the design patterns & architectural considerations to take into account when building a Selenium-based / Appium-based Test Automation Framework. The...

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Building Android Builds for Testers – How to Save Dev Effort?

A few years ago, when I was interviewing a candidate for an Android mobile tester role, I found most of the QA candidates are too dependent on the developer to get the Android...

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Consumer-Driven Contract Testing using Spring Cloud Contract

Spring Cloud Contract is an umbrella project that holds solutions to help users implement contract tests. It has two main modules: Spring Cloud Contract Verifier, which is...

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Fastest Mobile Automation Testing Tool – Appium vs....

There are several highly popular frameworks for mobile test automation, so I went on a mission to find the fastest mobile automation testing frameworks and best the locator...

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