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Top Essential JavaScript Testing Frameworks

Without a doubt, automation testing has in recent years grown to become an industry of its own in the software development world. High demand for new platforms, tools and...

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The Rise of Shadow DOM – Core Technical Aspects {Part 1}

Before taking control over Shadow DOM, let me brief you about the session that I presented at the virtual Selenium Conference 2020. Due to the limited number of seats at the...

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Testing GraphQL API

In the previous chapter, we reviewed some of the basics of GraphQL, differences between REST and GraphQL and core concepts of GraphQL. Now let's understand more about some of the...

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Selenium JavaScript Automation Testing Tutorial For Beginners

Users play a vital role in the success of any product, especially when it comes to user interface - we cannot compromise. We need to introduce functional automation testing to our...

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Cypress vs. Selenium vs. TestProject – 7 Browsers...

Popular test automation solutions for web applications aim for speed and multiple browser support. But which one is truly the fastest? And which has the widest support for various...

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Selenium vs. Puppeteer – When to Choose What?

In my previous beginner's guide, we discussed what is Puppeteer, installed required dependencies and reviewed some of its capabilities via code examples. Now, we'll dive even...

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Angular vs. React: Which One to Choose?

There is a lot of heated debate on the Web these days about which JavaScript framework to use. There are a lot of options as far as frameworks go, and the two main contenders are...

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Puppeteer: Web Automation using Headless Chrome Node.js API

Recently, there has been a lot of talk around Puppeteer, and the wide range of features it can offer with very lightweight code! It is a node.js API library that enables control...

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