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Yoni Flenner Yoni Flenner

A software engineer who likes to test things programmatically, and he’s doing it for a living for the past 10 years: http://atidcollege.co.il/

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The Mindset of Developers: Code Libraries vs. Frameworks [Part 1]

I decided to write this series of articles about the Mindset of Developers due to recurring questions among my students and other testers who have a hard time understanding the...

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Selenium Quiz for Ninjas – Scale Up Your Selenium Knowledge

Feel like you know Selenium to its core? Familiar with some of the commands? Looking to increase your knowledge? Need more experience? This Selenium quiz is for you! Discover...

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Automation Testing for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

  Some say that transitioning from being a manual tester to an automation developer is a natural process and another evolutionary part of the testing field. Many of the...

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Selenium Quiz for Experts – Are You Up To Speed?

Just in time for the new year 🎉 I've created a whole new quiz for all of you Selenium Experts out there! Are you up to speed for all there is to know about Selenium? Go...

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Use Smart Selenium Waits (FluentWait) to Avoid Flakiness

Waits in automated testing are crucial and in any project we have - we will need to include some kind of waiting mechanism in order to maintain the stability of our tests and...

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Selenium for Beginners – Test your Love for Selenium!

Just completed a Selenium course? You're familiar with some of the commands? Don't have much experience yet? GOOD! You have come to the right place - Welcome to Selenium for...

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