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Yoni Flenner Yoni Flenner

A software engineer who likes to test things programmatically, and he’s doing it for a living for the past 10 years: https://atidcollege.co.il

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Mega Function – One Function To Rule Them All

At the end of the previous decade, when I was first exposed to an automation framework (in days of QTP and VB-Script), I met Matilda. Matilda was the name of Mega Function, one...

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7 Steps to Find a Job in QA With No Previous Experience

This time I'm not going to talk about automation testing, but rather share my 2 cents on how to find a job in QA with no previous experience. So you finished a software testing...

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Introduction to Cucumber Framework

Cucumber is an automation framework that implements the BDD (Behavior Driven Development) method. Originally, Cucumber framework was written in Ruby language but nowadays supports...

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The Mindset of Developers: Angular vs. React vs. Vue [Part 2]

In the previous chapter, we talked about the differences between code libraries and frameworks 👨‍💻 In this chapter, we are going to dive deeper into understanding the...

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FindAll vs. FindBys Annotations In Page Objects Pattern

I decided to write this post because it has been several times already that my students encountered the same question over and over in job interviews. It's a question that...

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The Mindset of Developers: Code Libraries vs. Frameworks [Part 1]

I decided to write this series of articles about the Mindset of Developers due to recurring questions among my students and other testers who have a hard time understanding the...

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