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Meital Matsafi Meital Matsafi

As the Head of Community at TestProject and a test automation enthusiast by ❤, I love building and maintaining relationships with our community members, diverse community organizations, and internal entities while learning and sharing my key findings. Assisting with the development of robust engagement plans & activities I’m extremely eager to evolve and grow the community.

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Top 5 Trending Test Automation Actions

In my previous article, we discussed TestProject's Test Automation Addons Library and shared ways the community can contribute to making it even greater. The Addons Library...

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The World’s Largest Free Test Automation Library

We all know the vast value GitHub, StackOverflow and other online development communities have on the end result we push to our production code. It's a natural way to get stuff...

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User Feedback Matters The Most

User feedback is crucial for any company on its road to success. The goal is not to develop features just for the sake of developing, but rather develop features that will...

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Women in Testing: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Every day is a great day to celebrate women around the globe, but International Women's Day gives us an extra reason to do just that! 🚺 Today, International Women’s Day is a...

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A/B Testing Automation Guide

A/B testing is a user experience research methodology consisting of randomized experiments with two variants – A and B. It is a popular pattern used in software development to...

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Top 5 Virtual Testing Events You Must Attend in 2021

Online testing events are nothing new, but these days they seem to spring up like mushrooms after the rain 🍄 Just turn on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and you won’t...

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