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Meital Matsafi Meital Matsafi

As the head of community at TestProject and a test automation enthusiast by ❤, I love building and maintaining relationships with our community members, diverse community organizations, and internal entities while learning and sharing my key findings. Assisting with the development of robust engagement plans & activities I’m extremely eager to evolve and grow the community.


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Share Codeless Automation with Anyone: Introducing...

Can stop us now! We're excited to announce the new TestProject Share Center for an even easier sharing and collaboration process. Sharing your web, mobile and API codeless...

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Selenium Conference 2020 – A Bundle of Educational Sessions

This year we were proud to be a Platinum Selenium Conference 2020 sponsor, connecting and "meeting" with QA engineers, test automation experts, developers from all across the...

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TestProject SDK (v1) vs. OpenSDK (v2)

Recently, we’ve released a completely new and open source SDK (v2) with Python, Java and C# bindings, named OpenSDK. The philosophy behind OpenSDK is to have a single SDK that...

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AI in Test Automation – Discover How it Works

When discussing AI in test automation, you might be thinking: "Oh well, here's another buzzword in our testing field"... But let's face it, AI (Artificial Intelligence) "buzzword"...

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The 8 Leading Test Reporting Tools for Selenium

Selenium is the leading open source solution for web test automation, and according to our recent State of Open Source Testing Survey, Selenium is without a doubt the king of the...

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TestProject Community WFH Quiz – Tips and Tricks 🏡

It is not easy to remain upbeat in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we're all getting a lot more familiar with our homes as we learn to adjust to our new lives... With all...

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