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Avatar Marat Strelets

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at TestProject. Lives in Canada with his wife and two beautiful daughters 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

Distributed Execution for Test Automation

Distributed Execution for Test Automation

When it comes to Selenium web testing, sooner or later a need for scalability arises and instead of executing tests on a single browser, we want to cover all the possible options...

Page Object Model

Implement Page Object Model using Appium & Java for...

The following tutorial is about Page Object Model and Page Factory, a design pattern intended to simplify tests and create a scalable solution for test automation. If you want...

testing iOS apps

Testing iOS Apps on Windows with Appium & TestProject

The Challenge One of the major obstacles with testing iOS apps is the need for iOS devices or Xcode to run the app on a Simulator. Apple doesn't support running Xcode (an...

How Will Appium Support iOS 10?

A glance into Appium's practical means to keep up to date with Apple's operating system updates.  More specifically,  how will Appium support iOS 10? Introduction Appium's...

What’s My Open Source Tool for Mobile App Test Automation?

That small, mobile but not so little device we’re all holding in our hands is a powerful thing. Its ability to completely takeover our lives is astonishing, technology wise,...

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