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Louise Gibbs Louise Gibbs

Louise is a Software Test Engineer and Malvern Panalytical, an organisation that develops scientific instruments. Her role requires her to test and assess the quality of the software used to control the instruments. She develops, maintains and runs both manual and automated test scripts.

Louise has also worked for companies who develop software for the Automotive industry, testing software used for running loyalty schemes with the aim of ensuring customer loyalty and retention.

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The Bugs Are Already Here! – The Testing Pyramid & Game...

Spoilers are coming! Please be advised that this blog post will include details of major events that take place in season 8 episode 3 of Game of Thrones. This weeks episode of...

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7 Reasons to Skip Tests

A brilliant article by Piet Van Zoen was recently published which discussed reasons not to skip tests. In this article I'm going to discuss reasons why we might need to do the...

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Adapting Recorded Test Cases to Improve Your Test Automation

A lot of test automation tools include a record and playback feature (I wrote about the benefits of this feature in a previous article). Record and playback enables user actions...

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Benefits of Record and Playback Features in Test Automation

Record and playback features are a really useful tool for automated test development. The way they work is that the test developer clicks a record button, does some actions, and...

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Inside a Stationery Shop: Analyzing Different Testing Methods

There are many types and approaches to testing. In this article, we discuss some of these different techniques by comparing them to testing pens on sale in a stationery shop. The...

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Test Automation Is Still Testing, But Don’t Go At It Alone

There is a statement that has been discussed throughout the testing community that stirs a great deal of controversy:  “Test Automation is not Testing, It’s...

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