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Testim Joins TestProject in the Tricentis Family

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We’re happy to announce that Testim (an AI-based test automation platform for Web applications) has been acquired by our parent company, Tricentis, and will be joining forces with our TestProject team to strengthen the existing Tricentis powerful SaaS offering for customers who want to adopt cloud-based testing capabilities, with flexible consumption models, including consumption-based pricing.

This acquisition continues Tricentis’ impressive 5-year streak of expanding its portfolio with Flood, TestProject, SpecFlow, Neoload, etc., and positioning itself as a leading global software testing company for modern cloud and enterprise applications.

As part of its commitment to democratizing test automation, Tricentis will continue to offer free tiers for TestProject and Testim to provide the best of both worlds for the software development and testing communities.

TestProject and Testim will merge their passionate teams and innovative technology to build an even further comprehensive SaaS test automation solution within Tricentis. With this acquisition, Tricentis will continue to extend its leadership in the market, and will invest in developing cross-product integrations that will allow customers to mix and match a wide range of capabilities across the entire Tricentis portfolio.

Following this acquisition, Tricentis product teams have an aggressive timeline to integrate and further enhance combined capabilities. You can expect many exciting future developments within the growing Tricentis family. We look forward to sharing details in the upcoming months.

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