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Announcing TestProject 2.0 Next Gen Release: Hybrid Cloud & Offline Mode

Announcing TestProject 2.0 Next Gen Release: Hybrid Cloud & Offline Mode

You asked for it, and we listened! 🙌 One of our most requested features was to enable TestProject to operate on a completely offline, “on-premise” environment, while still benefiting from TestProject’s powerful capabilities. Today, we are excited to announce TestProject 2.0 Next-Gen release, enabling test automation anywhere – without limitations

From now on, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with TestProject! Whether you need the simplicity of a cloud solution or the control of hosting tests locally – we’ve got you covered.

  • Either continue enjoying the power of the TestProject hybrid cloud and benefit from zero server maintenance, seamless collaboration and automatic deployment of your tests.
  • Or have the freedom to benefit from the new offline mode enabling local “on-premise” test executions, even in isolated environments that are not exposed to the internet, leaving no footprint in the cloud.

Create your web or mobile tests with TestProject’s best-in-class online codeless recorder, and store them in your projects (on TestProject’s hybrid cloud) or save them locally (disk/git) to a YAML file. Then, simply execute from the TestProject UI (online) or from the TestProject Agent CLI (offline), and automatically receive local HTML reports to get a complete offline experience. You can read the official release notes of TestProject 2.0 here.

🚀 Kick-off powerful test automation without limitations 🚀

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What is Hybrid Cloud?

The hybrid cloud is the exact same cloud you all know and love, ever since day one of using TestProject. It’s the same cloud that enables you to enjoy:

  • Effortless & easy setup
  • Zero maintenance and orchestration
  • AI-powered online test recorder
  • Cloud repository & team collaboration
  • Beautiful test reports & dashboards
  • Remote execution on Sauce Labs and BrowserStack
  • Seamless integrations to tools you love
  • … and so much more!

So, why ‘Hybrid’? Well, because although the test artifacts and reports are securely stored in the cloud repository, TestProject Agent installed locally and takes care of the entire execution on-premise, leaving all the heavy lifting of setup, maintenance and orchestration up to TestProject. The Agent is a local component that sits on your machine and has access to your local resources, even when offline. You do not need to open any external tunnel, it’s a completely on-premise component.

The agent plays significant role with the test creation too, for codeless tests (web & Mobile) it utilize the local chrome instance as your test editor!

For Selenium/Appium code it used as single cross platform executable along side the OpenSDK to create powerful coded tests with beautiful collaborative reports.

It’s also important to mention that even when storing tests in the TestProject hybrid cloud, the test artifacts do not include any data. The actual data is saved in encrypted parameters and can be stored as “Secret Parameters” that are saved with AES 256 standard for an even further layer of data encryption.

TestProject Hybrid Cloud

’No strings attached’ with a fully offline mode

But what if you need to have even more control of your tests using your own private environment? Or if you’re working at a company with strict compliance and security regulations that is completely disconnected from internet ? With TestProject it’s not a problem anymore! 💪

From now on, your data will never leave your landscape. With no footprint in the cloud, you can easily:

  1. Utilize TestProject’s in-browser recorder (using your own locally cached browser) to create, edit & debug powerful on-premise tests for mobile and web applications.
  2. Save tests locally on your machine for backup, version management (using git) and complete offline execution. When creating the test you will have the option to specify whether you want to save the test directly on your disk as a file (offline) or on the hybrid cloud. Meaning, you will have the option to never save tests on the cloud right from the start!
    TestProject Save Tests Locally or on Cloud
  3. Download a YAML file or a complete “Test Package” (bundle) with all the required components (elements, parameters, configurations, addons, etc.) to execute tests on-premise, even while in isolated environments.
    • The locally saved tests can be easily edited within notepad as well (with no necessity to upload them back or use the online editor). But if you’ll want to edit the tests using the online recorder, you will always have the option to upload the YAML files back to the hybrid cloud.
    • The “Test package” (bundle) is a self-sufficient archive that contains a settings file with a pre-selected list of browsers or devices for execution, you do not need to add anything else to run your web, Android or iOS tests. While a stand-alone YAML file requires to specify these settings.
  4. Execute tests from the TestProject Agent CLI as a completely offline on-premise entity, you won’t even need to register a TestProject Agent for that. These saved tests will include all the AI self-healing capabilities of TestProject, including multiple locator strategies, and will also include any Addons that have been used in your test.
  5. Debug fast and release with confidence by automatically receiving local HTML test reports, enjoying the ultimate offline debugging experience.

TestProject Test Reports

TestProject Agent CLI

The TestProject Agent CLI is a powerful cross-operating system command line interface utility, enabling the execution of “test packages” generated using TestProject. These files can be stored locally outside of the TestProject hybrid cloud, including in an on-premise version control such as git.

  • The TestProject Agent CLI is an integrated tool to build custom CI/CD pipelines easily. Save your tests locally in your version control alongside your code. Deploy and run them like never before using the integrated CLI tool with a simple command:
    testproject-agent run MyFirstTest.yaml
  • The TestProject Agent will do the work for you, by running the tests locally and creating rich HTML reports, including screenshots.
  • Execute even when there is no connection or when working offline in isolated environments.

To learn more about the TestProject Agent CLI, we recommend visiting our official documentation.

TestProject Offline On-premise

More Exciting Features of TestProject 2.0

  1. JavaScript OpenSDK
  2. Java and C# OpenSDK upload & execution using TestProject’s hybrid cloud
  3. Tags for tests and jobs

Coming Around the Corner

You know us well enough to realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg for 2021 😉 The entire team is hard at work continuing to develop a bunch of additional exciting features, all according to your wish list 💌 Here’s just a sneak peek at the new features that are coming up in Q2:

  • Built-in integration with Git
  • Smart Lab Execution
  • Parallel Execution (on a single Agent)
  • JavaScript OpenSDK for Mobile
  • Uploading Python OpenSDK
  • SSO with Google, LinkedIn, Git
  • Jira plugin
  • Additional community addons
  • … and so much more!!! 😵

TestProject Upcoming Roadmap Q2

Curious to take TestProject 2.0 for a spin? Taking advantage of these new capabilities couldn’t be easier. Simply create a free TestProject account (if you don’t already have one) – and you’re in! If you have any questions, feedback, or need help getting started, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any of our support channels, we’re always happy to help you.

🚀 Kick-off powerful test automation without limitations 🚀

Happy testing & hope you enjoy TestProject 2.0 🚀
TestProject Team

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