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Great Job Interview But Still Got Rejected?

How many times has this happened to you? You had a great job interview, but the phone doesn’t ring and your inbox remains empty. I’m sure at least once in your life you’ve had a situation in which you did not receive a job offer even though you had a great job interview, right? 😥

This is a very common situation to happen in practically any industry, but many times we never get the actual reason for “Why didn’t I get the offer?”, which leads to much frustration & disappointment, especially since you know how well you performed in the interview itself. You gave 100% of yourself but still got rejected…

However, you must stay positive and remember that if you didn’t get an offer, it’s probably because the company had to take into consideration multiple aspects before rolling out the final offer.

Great Job Interview But Still Got Rejected?

In this short post, I’d like to share few points from my own experience, and explain what a company considers apart from the technical interview before rolling out the offer, even if you had a great job interview:

  1. What is your notice period?
  2. What is your current CTC (Cost to Company) and how much have you asked for?
  3. Do you live near the same location where they have an opening?
  4.  Does that opening still exist? Yes, believe me it happens sometimes where a company made an opening, but meanwhile, that position got filled quickly.
  5. Are you a good fit for their culture?

There are so many different aspects that go into the decision making of whether to hire someone or not… And for instance, just like you might get a better offer & then decide to join another company, the same scenario can happen for the company that might have got a potential candidate with less CTC.

Either way, my suggestion is that you should keep your head up and never get disappointed if you don’t get the offer. We always learn something new when we go to interviews, even if we don’t get accepted, and such learnings are valuable lessons we get to take with us for a lifetime.

Rejection is many times the key to success 🔑 But remember, rejection will become the key to success only when you work on this rejection. I strongly recommend you read through this practical 7 step guide to find a job in QA. No matter the field you are looking for a job in, you’ll find in that article really great tips to make sure you take such rejections and turn them into rainbows!  🌈


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Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay Kumar is on a mission to make tester’s and developer’s life easy. He has invented and created the SelectorsHub and ChroPath single-handedly, which is being used by more than half a million testers and developers in more than 180 countries and almost in every software company in the world. His creation is not just being used, it also appears in the profiles of engineers from companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, etc.

He is carrying a total of 9+ years of experience with companies like IBM, Goibibo, UrbanLadder, InMobi and AutonomIQ.

Currently, he is not working for any company, he is working only for the community and working full-time on SelectorsHub.

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