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Automating End to End API Testing Flows Guide [Test Examples Included]

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APIs are an important interface in the modern computing world, where an increasing amount of applications and sites are hosted on online cloud platforms. APIs allow for communication between different applications which are built on service-oriented architectures, many different companies use the public API approach to share and make their tool more accessible to various users from external sources. Of course, all these APIs must be tested to ensure their functionality and usability, despite lacking a graphical interface and requiring a more programmatical approach, which can make the API testing flows more challenging and intimidating.

There is no doubt that Postman is the #1 tool when it comes to testing your APIs manually, but when it comes to API automation, scheduling and reporting as part of end to end API testing flows, it becomes more challenging.

End-to-end API testing flows can involve multiple input sources, such as HTML, Databases, Telnet/SSH, Mobile, Shell, Data files, other RESTful APIs and more. TestProject‘s test automation platform allows not only testing your APIs manually, but also to complete end-to-end API based test automation flows, schedule and run them periodically, get execution reports and all of that without any third party tools and without a single line of code ๐Ÿš€

This hands-on tutorial consists of step-by-step examples and real automated test flows, shared here for you to use and practice while automating your APIs.

Table of Contents – Automating End to End API Testing Flows

  1. Chapter 1 โ€“ Basic API Test Automation
    • Basic HTTP Get Example
    • GET with Dynamic Endpoint URL Test Example
    • HTML and RESTful API Test Example
  2. Chapter 2 โ€“ API Test Automation Flows Combined with Mobile Functional Test
    • Android Mobile Functional Test and RESTful API Test Example
    • iOS Mobile Functional Test and RESTful API Test Example
  3. Chapter 3 โ€“ API Test Automation Flows Combined with Databases Flows
  4. Chapter 4 โ€“ API Test Automation with Combination of Shell Commands and Local Files
    • CMD Shell Commands and RESTful API Test Example
    • SSH Connection and RESTful API Test Example
    • CSV Operations and Restful API Test Example
    • File Operations and RESTful API Test Example
  5. Chapter 5 โ€“ Advanced API Test Automation and Validation Flows
    • RESTful API GET Call and JSON Schema Validation Test Example
    • RESTful API GET Call with Extracting Multiple Values from JSON Response Test Example
    • Basic Authorization Within RESTful API Call Test Example
    • RESTful API Urlencoded Format Requests Example
    • Executing API Tests with Dynamic Parameters and Predefined Data Set
  6. Chapter 6 โ€“ Scheduling API Automation Flows and CI/CD Execution
    • Scheduling Recurrent RESTful API Tests
    • Running RESTful API Tests by Rest/Curl/CMD Command
    • Executing RESTful API Tests as Part of a CI/CD Flow
    • Executing RESTful API Tests as Part of CI/CD Flow from Docker Container

After going through these examples, you should be familiar with the TestProject platform and its capabilities when it comes to API test automation. In each chapter, you will also have full access to the example tests shared with you via TestProject:

If you’d like to receive even more information, you can find a couple of video tutorials here as well (Part 1 &ย Part 2), or review these resources:

  1. RESTful API Client Addon Documentation
  2. Spooky API Testing Challenge [October Challenge]
  3. How Can You Scale Your REST API Testing?


David Goichman

About the author

David Goichman

Automation has been a great passion of mine from day one. Software Engineer at TestProject.

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    Mathias Lenz June 17, 2021, 7:07 pm

    Thank you @david-goichmantestproject-io for this great API testing flow tutorial.
    Are all the featued featues and Addons also available for scripted tests using the OpenSDK, e.g. for Pytest?
    And are their any coding examples available for scripted API tests?

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