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SpecFlow Joins TestProject in the Tricentis Open Source Family


Today, we are excited to announce that SpecFlow is joining TestProject in the Tricentis Open Source Family. SpecFlow is the largest and most trusted technology specific BDD solution for .NET developers around the world. SpecFlow’s pragmatic approach to specification-by-example has helped agile development teams release high quality software through its collaborative approach to software delivery.

Tricentis is continuing its commitment to provide developers with amazing free tools, by offering yet another testing tool for developers. In 2019, Tricentis announced the acquisition of TestProject, the world’s first free, cloud based test automation platform leveraging Selenium and Appium. This most recent acquisition of SpecFlow adds best-in-class support for BDD and .NET developers to round out TestProject’s unique capabilities.

SpecFlow was developed by TechTalk as the open source port of Cucumber for .NET in 2009. Since then SpecFlow has gathered a massive open source community by providing a way to define, manage, and automatically execute human-readable acceptance tests in .NET projects. By using human-readable syntax, known as Gherkin (“Given-When-Then”), SpecFlow helps software delivery teams share a common business understanding of how their systems should behave.

SpecFlow’s integration with popular developer tools like Selenium and Microsoft Visual Studio has made it the BDD standard to bridge the communication gap between developers, testers, and business users. SpecFlow has more than 9.6 million downloads and a user base that continues to grow at more than 3,000 downloads per day.

Here at TestProject, we are huge fans of SpecFlow and are extremely excited about the possibilities that this acquisition can offer. Our community has contributed several exciting blog posts about BDD using SpecFlow, most notably being Bas Dijkstra’s tutorial on getting started with SpecFlow. Expect many exciting future announcements from us about our partnership and new capabilities from this amazing FREE platform! 🎉


About the author

Kevin Dunne

Kevin Dunne is the General Manager of TestProject, ensuring Tricentis’ commitment to innovation and delivering tools to create better software. With a deep interest in the emerging trends in software development and testing, Kevin is dedicated to collaborating with thought leaders in this space.

Kevin comes to Tricentis from Deloitte, where he managed testing on large government and Fortune 500 engagements delivering ERP implementations and custom software development. As one of the first employees at Tricentis, Kevin has seen many facets of the business working in sales, customer support, marketing, and product management.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Vanderbilt University.

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