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Develop Page Object Appium Tests in a Single Tutorial Video!

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This post is a step by step tutorial video on how to develop Page Object Appium automated tests using Java SDK.
This tutorial covers the following topics:

  1. Overview of Appium’s functionalities.
  2. Mapping elements to develop a “plain” Appium automated mobile tests.
  3. Demonstration of what can go wrong with such tests:
    • Mix of test logic and UI actions.
    • Coupled design.
    • Difficult maintenance.
    • Code redundancy.
    • Unnecessary complexity.
  4. Resolve these problems by developing the same tests, this time while utilizing Page Object Model (POM).
  5. Comparison between “Plain” Appium tests vs. POM Appium tests.
  6. Page Object Appium advantages as opposed to “Plain” Appium.
  7. The benefits of scheduling and running Page Object Appium tests with TestProject framework.

If you’re looking for a written tutorial, we’ve got you covered as well! Just click here to read it  😉

Here is the full tutorial video:



Karen Teboulle

About the author

Karen Teboulle

Community Relations Lead & Contributing Author at TestProject: https://testproject.io/. A rookie pianist that loves taking on challenges and connecting with fellow automation enthusiasts!

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