How to Create a Test Suite in Selenium WebDriver and C#

After completing the test automation framework we’ve developed with Selenium, c# and Nunit, with the following quick tutorial you’ll learn to create a test suite in Selenium WebDriver.


Tutorial Overview:

Class 1 – Creating an Automated Test Using Selenium WebDriver 3 and C#

Class 2 – How to Create a Test Automation Framework Architecture with Selenium WebDriver 3

Class 3 – Utilizing Test Automation Framework with Advanced Capabilities

To begin, we will copy the test below in our test automation project:

public void ContactUsTestflow()


    Pages.contactUs.SendYourName("Asya test");
    Pages.contactUs.SendYourEmail("[email protected]");
    Pages.contactUs.SendYourMessage("Test 123");

First, we’ll order Selenium to navigate to the Contact Us page we are testing. Secondly, assert that we are at the correct page by asking our browser for the title of the page and asking if the url consists of the wording ‘contactUs’. Afterwards, we’ll fill out the relevant fields, click Submit and verify the message has been sent successfully.

  • This method is also valid for building an alignment of sanity testing for our website.


In the next tutorial to Create a test automation framework, you will learn How to Use Data Driven with Selenium Test Suite.

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