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The Best Appium Testing Tools for Mobile Developers

As a mobile developer, you are expected to release your applications in short cycles, being seamlessly functioning and stable on a variety of popular devices. To achieve this...

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How to Select the Best Tool – Research Process

Technology is progressing fast, things that five years ago were a pipe dream, now are standard. But with new technology come new challenges. No matter who we are - Developers,...

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Recommended Free Tools to Help Your Testing

There are many articles, blog posts, and presentations that discuss automation frameworks and strategies. But even the most robust automation framework won't eliminate the...

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6 Recipes for Test Automation Success!

It's a fact that everyone wants to do automation, a lot of companies try, a lot of companies fail, and very few succeed. A successful company is not one that never fails, rather...

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World’s Most Desirable Test Automation Skills!

With the growing demand for test automation experts and new technologies emerge at a rapid pace, gaining the relevant technical skills is crucial for candidates who are looking to...

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What’s My Open Source Tool for Mobile App Test Automation?

That small, mobile but not so little device we’re all holding in our hands is a powerful thing. Its ability to completely takeover our lives is astonishing, technology wise,...

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