Dan Greenberg by Dan Greenberg

7 Open-Source Test Automation Frameworks

As we enter the last quarter of 2017, TestProject's team decided to wrap up for you the best open-source test automation frameworks out there, and to help you choose the right one for you! Here are the pros and cons of 7 different open-source test...

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Karen Teboulle by Karen Teboulle

Essential Skills for Landing a Test Automation Job in 2018

Every year brings new requirements in the test automation market. Test automation engineers must master their skills in order to stay ahead and land the job of their dreams. Following our last research: World’s Most Desirable Test Automation Skills,...

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by Breno Ribeiro

14 Test Automation Best Practices to Supercharge Testing Efficiency

When staring with test automation, one might notice the endless possibilities to choose from: different approaches, techniques, frameworks, tools and of course ways of code writing. At times, such variety could turn the process into a problem instead...

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Hari Charan by Hari Charan

Generate Customized Excel Reports Using TestNG in Selenium

There are many ways to Generate Reports in Selenium. Now I’d like to generate Excel reports. Note : TestNG is required. Without TestNG this code won't work. There are few steps to follow in order to generate Excel reports. Here I am sharing the...

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Shirley Perkins by Shirley Perkins

Reducing Production Bugs Using Agile Test Automation

In this magazine article Mr. Shalev Utnik, a QA Group manager at AlgoSec shares his thoughts regarding test automation methodologies for complicated cyber security products, test automation tools and other important topics in the field of automated...

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