Karen Teboulle by Karen Teboulle

Test Distribution with Appium, Selenium Grid and TestProject

In this webinar, Jonathan Lipps (Appium's Architect and Project Lead) talks about mobile test distribution and describes what it takes to go from running your test suite on one device at a time to 2 devices at a time – setting up multiple Appium servers...

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Dimos Koromilas by Dimos Koromilas

Javascript Testing with Selenium Webdriver and Mocha

In case you are looking to write a functional test in Javascript, the following tutorial provides a perfect structural and referential material for a UI automation engineer to Javascript testing with Selenium Webdriver 3, Mocha and NodeJS. These days,...

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Asya Galinsky by Asya Galinsky

How to Create a Test Suite in Selenium WebDriver and C#

After completing the test automation framework we’ve developed with Selenium, c# and Nunit, with the following quick tutorial you'll learn to create a test suite in Selenium WebDriver.   Tutorial Overview: Class 1 - Creating an Automated Test...

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