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Identify the Automation Gap in Testing

This post aims to encourage the discussions in terms of aligning the desired business outcome, automation build, and maintenance reality. The maintenance of automation is often...

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Getting Started with Service Virtualization using WireMock (Part

In the previous article, you could see how using a mocking framework like Mockito can help you address isolation challenges, which is the first of the two types of issues...

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Selenium vs. Puppeteer – When to Choose What?

In my previous beginner's guide, we discussed what is Puppeteer, installed required dependencies and reviewed some of its capabilities via code examples. Now, we'll dive even...

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Video Reports for Selenium Test Cases

In a fast-developing IT world, report generation process plays a key role in automation and manual testing. Clear bug reports give QA engineers an understanding of what is going...

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10 Commandments to Pen Down your Test Automation Plan

Quality engineers who are practicing test automation in their testing cycle or entering the world of automated testing should keep in mind that a solid test automation plan is key...

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Angular vs. React: Which One to Choose?

There is a lot of heated debate on the Web these days about which JavaScript framework to use. There are a lot of options as far as frameworks go, and the two main contenders are...

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Must Know Test Automation Trends by Leading Experts (Webinar Recording)

We live in a dynamic world of constantly changing trends and new emerging technologies. This sea of knowledge and constant growth might lead us to feel lost at times, and in need...

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The Best Appium Testing Tools for Mobile Developers

As a mobile developer, you are expected to release your applications in short cycles, being seamlessly functioning and stable on a variety of popular devices. To achieve this...

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