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Selenium vs. Puppeteer – When to Choose What?

In my previous beginner's guide, we discussed what is Puppeteer, installed required dependencies and reviewed some of its capabilities via code examples. Now, we'll dive even...

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Selenium Framework for Team Collaboration

Every other second organization these days uses Selenium WebDriver for automated testing, as its one of the most reliable and widely supported open source solutions to automate...

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Is It Too Late to Start Learning Selenium WebDriver in 2020?

Just in time for new year resolutions coming up the corner in a month, you may think about positive changes to make in your life. Like losing weight, starting to exercise,...

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15 Tips to Successfully Land a QA Web Automation Job for Beginners

You've just finished an automation course or you're trying to transition from manual testing to automation, and you're looking for a beginners test automation position? Great!...

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Web Testing Made Easy with Python, Pytest and Selenium WebDriver

Have you ever discovered a bug in a web app? Yuck! Almost everyone has. Bugs look bad, interrupt the user's experience, and cheapen the web app's value. Severe bugs can incur...

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Advanced Selenium Quiz – Are You a Selenium Expert?

It's time for another Selenium quiz, this time it's an advanced one for all of you Selenium experts! How well do you think you know Selenium WebDriver? Test your knowledge with...

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How to Create Selenium Reports with EventListeners

In this post, we will review EventListeners - one of Selenium WebDriver's functionalities that enables us to create reports and logs while avoiding code duplication. Let's...

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Inside Selenium WebDriver

Everything under the sun has already been written about the Selenium WebDriver. The amount of online tutorials is tremendous, new posts spring like mushrooms after the rain,...

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