by Mohab Mohie

6 Recipes for Test Automation Success!

It's a fact that everyone wants to do automation, a lot of companies try, a lot of companies fail, and very few succeed. A successful company is not one that never fails, rather one that learns from its failures. Here are some of the failures that I've...

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Louise Gibbs by Louise Gibbs

7 Reasons to Skip Tests

A brilliant article by Piet Van Zoen was recently published which discussed reasons not to skip tests. In this article I'm going to discuss reasons why we might need to do the opposite.  To clarify, I do not think we should be skipping tests. I strongly...

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Tomer Cohen by Tomer Cohen

3 Reasons Why We Must Test Our Automation Framework

A few weeks ago I lectured about the importance of testing the test automation framework. At the beginning of the lecture, I asked the audience the following questions: "Who here writes automation?" - There was almost an entire show of raised hands....

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