by AutomationPanda

Web Testing Made Easy with Python, Pytest and Selenium WebDriver

Have you ever discovered a bug in a web app? Yuck! Almost everyone has. Bugs look bad, interrupt the user's experience, and cheapen the web app's value. Severe bugs can incur serious business costs and tarnish the provider's reputation. So, how can we...

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Yoni Flenner by Yoni Flenner

Page Object Model- Make It Simple, Use Abstraction

After covering the fundamentals for a creating a test automation infrastructure, in this post I'll elaborate more about the idea behind page abstraction while using page object model in test automation. First, let me explain the expression"Abstraction",...

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Asya Galinsky by Asya Galinsky

Page Object Pattern Advantages & Implementation

The following tutorial is the next step in Learning how to create a test automation framework with C#, Selenium 3 and Nunit : this step is about Page Object Pattern (also known as Page Object Design Pattern or Page Object) and the reasons to implement it...

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Asya Galinsky by Asya Galinsky

Create a Test Automation Framework with C#, Selenium Webdriver &...

The following test automation tutorial is a complete guide to create a basic Selenium test automation framework with: C# Multiple Browser Support Selenium WebDriver 3 Page Object Pattern Data Driven Support Tutorial Overview: Class 1 - Creating an...

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