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Consumer Driven Contract Testing [Webinar Recording]

In the previous blog posts of this series, we gave an introduction to consumer-driven contract testing, writing contract tests using Pact JS, Pact Java, and Spring Cloud Contract,...

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Tips for Working with IFs in Java

Our Java test automation code is full of 'if' blocks. There is always some condition we need to evaluate. Based on the result of the condition evaluation, we need to execute some...

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Make your Selenium Test Results Live using Grafana & InfluxDB

Selenium is a great tool, without a doubt. The real value of tests written in Selenium can be harvested only based on the test results it publishes. We have ‘n’ number of...

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Java Test Automation Good Practices

In my previous post on the TestProject blog, I looked at some common good practices for having clean code in your automation project. Now, let's focus on some Java test automation...

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Dealing with Dependencies in Your Testing and Automation Efforts

The purpose of this series of four articles is to introduce you to various ways in which you can use simulations to increase the efficiency and coverage of your test automation...

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Simulating Rich Behaviour using Advanced WireMock Features (Part 4)

In the previous article, we have seen how to use WireMock to create simple stubs for our checkout service endpoint, so that we can test our web shop implementation more...

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Getting Started with Service Virtualization using WireMock (Part

In the previous article, you could see how using a mocking framework like Mockito can help you address isolation challenges, which is the first of the two types of issues...

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Mocking at The Unit Test Level with Mockito (Part 2)

In the previous article in this series, we've identified a number of common challenges related to dependencies in test environments, and seen how they can prevent development...

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