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Automation Testing for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

  Some say that transitioning from being a manual tester to an automation developer is a natural process and another evolutionary part of the testing field. Many of the...

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Writing Integration Tests with TestContainers Java & Golang

When I look back at the first architecture I designed years ago, it is clear how many integration points we have now compared with the classic LAMP stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL and...

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Zalenium – Dockerized Selenium Grid Infrastructure

Zalenium is a highly flexible and auto-scalable Docker container-based Selenium Grid Infrastructure. It has the feature to spin up selenium docker containers instantly as nodes...

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Write Dockerized End-to-End Tests With JUnit 5 and Selenium WebDriver

It’s hard to configure the environment that is required to run end-to-end tests which use Selenium WebDriver. The problem is that every computer that runs our end-to-end tests...

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Create Parallel Automation Tests

When the number of test scripts increases to a point in which it takes too much time to execute, then the usually quick feedback we receive from automated testing starts to...

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