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Integrating Consumer Contract Testing in Build Pipelines

In the previous articles, we discussed how we can use Pact for consumer-driven testing using JavaScript, Java and Spring Cloud. In this chapter, we will look into Consumer Driven...

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What Are The Benefits of Having Nightly Builds

What is a Nightly Build? A nightly build is a neutral build that typically takes place when no one is likely to be working in the office. In addition, there are no changes to the...

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Execute Test Automation as Part of Your CI Build

Integrating your automated tests within your CI flow can have a significant impact on your product’s overall quality and on releasing it faster. There are a lot of great...

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Integrating TestProject with Jenkins CI

While automated tests have a value of their own, integrating them in your CI flow can have a significant impact on your product's overall quality. Ensuring that your automation...

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Introducing TestProject Framework!

We’ve been in the test automation industry for over 10 years now. In fact, our passion for software development has begun much earlier, probably somewhere in the mid-90s. We...

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9 Steps For Going From Manual to Automated Testing

There are many differences between manual and automated testing, hence in order to accomplish a successful transition into automated testing, I recommend following these 9 simple...

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Key Guidelines to Continuous Integration and Jenkins CI Server

The following article provides a detailed introduction to Continuous Integration (CI), an imperative practice in software development and Jenkins, the industry...

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Test Automation Wrap Up of 2015 – Trends and News

Update: We've released a new trends article, have look at test automation in 2016  - "Test Automation Tools and Trends for 2016". As we enter the last quarter of 2015, analysts...

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