Mark Kardashov by Mark Kardashov

Introducing TestProject Framework!

We’ve been in the test automation industry for over 10 years now. In fact, our passion for software development has begun much earlier, probably somewhere in the mid-90s. We have always been interested in programming and automation processes for...

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Karen Teboulle by Karen Teboulle

The Leading Test Automation Methods Are Revealed!

TestProject's team conducted a research to draw a full picture of the leading functional test automation methods and best practices that are used by companies across the globe: 222 software testing experts from different organizations were surveyed. The...

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Jim Hazen by Jim Hazen

Is Software Test Automation for You?

Is software test automation for you? Isn’t that the million dollar question? Both from the standpoint of is this type of work right for you as a tester, and are you really skilled enough to do it. Especially due to the current trend to implement more...

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Asya Galinsky by Asya Galinsky

Read Data From a CSV File in C#

In this tutorial for Learning to create a test automation framework with C#, Selenium 3 and Nunit , we’ll be adding data driven support to the test automation framework we’ve built and will read data from CSV file in C#. Tutorial Overview: Class 1...

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Asya Galinsky by Asya Galinsky

How to Create a Cross Browser Compatible Test Automation Framework

In this tutorial we’ll be learning about the first step in Designing the architecture of a Selenium test automation framework with C# and NUnit: developing the ability for cross browser testing on IE, Chrome and Firefox. Meaning, the engineer or...

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Asya Galinsky by Asya Galinsky

Setting Up the Development Environment for Your Test Automation...

The following tutorial to create a development environment, is the first step in Creating your own test automation framework using Selenium Webdriver 3, Visual Studio 2015 and NUnit. By completing this step, you will be able to create an automated...

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Asya Galinsky by Asya Galinsky

How to Inspect Web Elements & Methods to Locate Them with Chrome...

The following tutorial is the second step in Creating a Test Automation Framework with C#, Nunit & Selenium Webdriver, in which we'll be learning about the various methods to inspect web elements and the methods to locate them with Chrome...

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Shir Yehezkel by Shir Yehezkel

World’s Most Desirable Test Automation Skills!

With the growing demand for test automation experts and new technologies emerge at a rapid pace, gaining the relevant technical skills is crucial for candidates who are looking to improve their chances to get hired. In order to answer the question –...

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