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JavaScript Unit Testing Survey 2016!

AngularJS vs. ReactJS TestProject


Take a minute of your time to make a BIG contribution to the world’s automation community!

Participate in revealing the most popular JavaScript unit testing  techniques while developing front end applications using ReactJS, AngularJS or other JavaScript based frameworks.

We will share our key findings here on our blog, you are welcome to SUBSCRIBE and get notified!

The survey will be available until the 18th of August, and results will be published on the 15th of September.

Any personal information about your identity as your name or email address will stay confidential.


What is your job title? 

What is the size of your organization?

Do you implement front end JavaScript unit testing?

Do you find front end JavaScript unit testing beneficial? 

Which tools and frameworks are used in your organization to perform unit test automation?

Please mention the framework being used in your organization to develop client side:

Please specify your considerations for the chosen framework:

In your opinion, what are the PROS of the chosen unit testing automation framework? (Optional)

In your opinion, what are the CONS of the specified unit testing framework? (Optional)

Are you interested in receiving the results of the survey via E-mail? (Optional)



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Please Press "Submit" and you are done 🙂

Thank you for participating!


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