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Using GitHub Actions to Run Automated Tests

GitHub Actions provide workflows for Continuous Integration (CI). They can be invoked from various triggers, but this article specifically focuses on pull requests. By running...

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Performing Page Interactions with Selenium Actions

Selenium Actions are used whenever you need a more complex interaction with an HTML element. More complex means it could be either: a double click, a hover, a right-click, or even...

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Getting Started with TestProject C# OpenSDK

The TestProject OpenSDK allows you to execute your Selenium and Appium tests using the power of the TestProject platform. This means you'll benefit from automatic test reporting...

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Flutter App Automation Testing for iOS using Appium & TestProject

Flutter app automation testing for iOS devices can be a challenging task using any automation framework available, including Appium. The phenomenon you will observe while...

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Regular Expressions in SpecFlow Step Definitions

If you're reading this article, I suspect you already know what SpecFlow and BDD are, so I won't insist on this. If you are not yet familiar with SpecFlow, check out this article...

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Mocking Observables in JavaScript Tests

There are different ways to test components that involve Observables. You might come across tests that are not written properly. These tests are sometimes only green accidentally...

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Using Selenium WebDriver Waits as Retries in Your Tests

The topic of Selenium tests failing due to timing issues comes up quite a lot. Random failures are attributed to the interaction being done too early, when the page has either not...

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Design Patterns for High-Quality Automated Tests: Singleton

In the previous article from the series we discussed the Fluent Interface design pattern and achieve maximum API usability. It is implemented through method chaining (method...

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