Dejan Zivanovic by Dejan Zivanovic

Test Automation in Selenium Using Page Object Model and Page Factory

Writing automated tests is more than just a luxury for any agile software development team. It is a need, and is an essential tool to find bugs quickly during early phases of software development cycles. When there is a new feature that is still in...

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Deepanshu Agarwal by Deepanshu Agarwal

Get Started with Appium for Android Mobile App Testing

Appium is an open source, cross-platform Test automation tool for native, hybrid and mobile web apps, tested on simulators (iOS, FirefoxOS), emulators (Android), and real devices (iOS, Android, FirefoxOS). Appium drives various native automation...

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Hari Charan by Hari Charan

Generate Customized Excel Reports Using TestNG in Selenium

There are many ways to Generate Reports in Selenium. Now I’d like to generate Excel reports. Note : TestNG is required. Without TestNG this code won't work. There are few steps to follow in order to generate Excel reports. Here I am sharing the...

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Hari Charan by Hari Charan

Compatibility Testing Using BrowserStack & Selenium – TestNG

What is Compatibility Testing? Compatibility testing is a non-functional test to ensure that an application’s compatibility within different environments such various web browsers with various versions, Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac…). In...

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by Ankur Shrivastava

How to: Perform Selenium WebDriver Testing

The following tutorial is for Selenium WebDriver testing- one of the key components of Selenium releases and on which the current automation industry totally relies on, specifically if we say the “Open Source Community”. What is WebDriver, simply...

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