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CI/CD with Azure DevOps and TestProject OpenSDK

In our last post, we discussed the power of TestProject’s API for integrating with Azure DevOps Service and running automated tests in TestProject as part of your CI/CD flow. In...

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Setup GitHub Actions for Python Automation within CI/CD Pipeline

This article will cover client-side testing interactions with TestProject, pytest, and run it inside of GitHub actions. If your GitHub repo is public, this will be 100% free. This...

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Selenium & Appium Test Automation Solution for TeamCity

CI tools are revolutionizing the way we build and deploy our software, and incorporating automated test cases as part of the CI flow is an imperative step towards achieving...

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Custom Audits using Lighthouse

In the previous blog we have seen the importance of Web Performance testing and also understood how to capture metrics using Lighthouse. In this chapter, we shall learn how to add...

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Creating Mobile Appium Tests with TestProject Python SDK

In a previous blog post, you have seen how to get started with the brand new TestProject Python SDK and add the power of the TestProject platform to your existing Selenium-based...

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Cross Functional Testing of GraphQL API

In the previous chapter, we learned the core components to test in GraphQL and different tools to assist in testing GraphQL APIs. As much as functional testing of API is...

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The Ultimate Postman Tutorial for API Testing

The internet is increasingly built on APIs. In a world where more and more sites and applications are hosted on cloud platforms, APIs become the glue that holds everything...

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Getting Started with TestProject Python SDK

With the TestProject Python SDK, you can execute your Selenium and Appium tests using the power of the TestProject platform. This means you’ll benefit from automatic test...

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