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Mega Function – One Function To Rule Them All

At the end of the previous decade, when I was first exposed to an automation framework (in days of QTP and VB-Script), I met Matilda. Matilda was the name of Mega Function, one...

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Using Spring to Switch Environments in Automated Tests

When we create our automated tests, we don't only want to run them in one test environment. We also don't want to create one automated test per each test environment. However, we...

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Test Automation Framework – Page Object Model Example

In this article, let us look at an example Page Object Model (POM) for a Test Automation Framework. POM is a popular design pattern with classes that represent each page of an...

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Top 10 Must-Haves for Test Automation

Test automation is a technique for software testing which, as the name suggests, involves activities with little or no human attraction, i.e, the testing is automated. Test...

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Top 5 Virtual Testing Events You Must Attend in 2021

Online testing events are nothing new, but these days they seem to spring up like mushrooms after the rain 🍄 Just turn on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and you won’t...

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Design Patterns for High-Quality Automated Tests: Template Method

In the first article from the series, we discussed a strategy to create more maintainable and readable page object models in Selenium WebDriver tests. We used the Fluent...

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Codeless Automation Testing Misconceptions and Benefits

Codeless automation used to get a really bad rep. Testing professionals are still split on the subject, for some the idea that codeless automation tests are more harmful than...

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How to Review Your Software Testing Strategy

It’s important to periodically review your software testing strategy to make sure that it’s still guiding your team on the path to success. As goals change, business models...

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