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Are You A Best In Class Testing Master?

From speaking with many of you, I learned you have a lot of educational content that is just waiting to be published, but you don't always have an appropriate place for it. Your...

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Working from Home on Test Automation

Given the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing rate of reported cases each day, we are all attempting to take a proactive approach and precautionary measures to help slow down as...

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Automation Coding Practices to Adopt: Code Like a Developer

With all the coding I've done over the years as I write test automation, I've come to really appreciate the work that software developers do. Software is complex stuff, and...

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Creating UI Automation that is Focused, Reliable and Fast

Atomic automated tests: what are they? One irreducible unit should be formed from an automated test. In other words, your tests should only focus on one thing. This automated...

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Oh No! I Can’t Get My Test Automation Scripts To Pass!

My automation is not passing! So? So, what? It's not your job to "get the automation to pass". Allow me to explain. I once worked with a partner team who’s primary...

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Simulating Rich Behaviour using Advanced WireMock Features (Part 4)

In the previous article, we have seen how to use WireMock to create simple stubs for our checkout service endpoint, so that we can test our web shop implementation more...

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Selenium WebElement Methods (Chapter 2)

In this 2nd Selenium Method Categories article series, we will look at the WebElement Method category. A WebElement represents an HTML element. We see the elements as buttons,...

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5 Open Source Accessibility Testing Tools – Pros and Cons

In my previous article, we've discussed the importance of accessibility testing. Accessibility testing is a relatively extensive field, thus selecting the best tool to validate...

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