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Overcome 6 Selenium Automation Testing Challenges

Undoubtedly, Selenium has made web testing far simpler for many QA teams and enterprises worldwide, but it has a fair share of challenges. That being said, most of such issues...

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Selenium WebDriver 4: New Window, New Tab & Screenshots

In this 2nd Selenium 4 article, we are going dive into three Selenium WebDriver 4 features. The 1st Selenium 4 feature is switching focus to a new browser window. The 2nd Selenium...

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Design Patterns in Test Automation

This article highlights the design patterns & architectural considerations to take into account when building a Selenium-based / Appium-based Test Automation Framework. The...

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Selenium Switch Methods (Chapter 5)

In this 5th and final Selenium article, we will dive into the Switch Methods. Switch Methods are designed for switching to frames, alerts, and windows. Our Test Script must switch...

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Selenium JavaScript Automation Testing Tutorial For Beginners

Users play a vital role in the success of any product, especially when it comes to user interface - we cannot compromise. We need to introduce functional automation testing to our...

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Selenium Python Beginners Tutorial for Automation Testing

You would be hard pushed to work in testing without being, at least, aware of Selenium WebDriver. Selenium WebDriver is a great addition to any testers tool belt. It offers cross...

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Selenium 4 New Features

In this series of Selenium 4 articles, we will look into the entire Selenium suite. The suite includes Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid. Each component has...

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Make your Selenium Test Results Live using Grafana & InfluxDB

Selenium is a great tool, without a doubt. The real value of tests written in Selenium can be harvested only based on the test results it publishes. We have ‘n’ number of...

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