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TestProject Community WFH Quiz – Tips and Tricks 🏡

It is not easy to remain upbeat in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we're all getting a lot more familiar with our homes as we learn to adjust to our new lives... With all...

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Selenium Quiz for Experts – Are You Up To Speed?

Just in time for the new year 🎉 I've created a whole new quiz for all of you Selenium Experts out there! Are you up to speed for all there is to know about Selenium? Go...

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Selenium for Beginners – Test your Love for Selenium!

Just completed a Selenium course? You're familiar with some of the commands? Don't have much experience yet? GOOD! You have come to the right place - Welcome to Selenium for...

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15 Tips to Successfully Land a QA Web Automation Job for Beginners

You've just finished an automation course or you're trying to transition from manual testing to automation, and you're looking for a beginners test automation position? Great!...

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Advanced Appium Quiz – Are You an Appium Expert?

It's time for another Appium quiz! Do you consider yourself an Appium expert? Go ahead and start these advanced Appium quiz questions!  Another Appium quiz by TestProject's...

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Advanced Selenium Quiz – Are You a Selenium Expert?

It's time for another Selenium quiz, this time it's an advanced one for all of you Selenium experts! How well do you think you know Selenium WebDriver? Test your knowledge with...

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Postman Quiz – Test Your Knowledge!

There's no doubt that Postman is great for API Testing. But, the question is - do you know everything about it? Test your knowledge with this Postman quiz!   This...

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Appium Quiz – Test Your Knowledge!

Do you consider yourself an Appium expert? Get ready for 10 challenging Appium quiz questions!  Another quiz by TestProject's test automation professionals is up! This time,...

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