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Path to Live (PTL) – The Whats, The Whys and The Hows

In this article, I will be taking a look at the Whats, the Whys, and the Hows of Path to Live (PTL) - a path from development to deployment to production. Path to Continuous...

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The Best of The Best in 2020 – Community Year in Review

2020 was quite a roller coaster, to say the least 🎢 Lockdowns, quarantine, working from home, masks😷, Zooms... A year dominated by the existence of an indescribable global...

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Strategies & Tips For Improving Your Testing Reputation

At Testflix 2020 (the first-ever global testing binge coming up this Saturday, Nov. 28th!), I am delivering a short, binge-worthy talk all about the Power Of Reputation. As...

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The Mindset of Developers: Angular vs. React vs. Vue [Part 2]

In the previous chapter, we talked about the differences between code libraries and frameworks 👨‍💻 In this chapter, we are going to dive deeper into understanding the...

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What’s New In Python 3.9?

At the beginning of the month Python version 3.9 was released and as usual, it came with a bunch of interesting features! 🐍 When a new Python version is released, the...

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Top 8 Python Testing Frameworks in 2020

If you've been thinking to yourself: "Hmm... which programming language should I start my testing journey with?" - Python is your answer. But it's not just for beginners! In a...

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Selenium Conference 2020 – A Bundle of Educational Sessions

This year we were proud to be a Platinum Selenium Conference 2020 sponsor, connecting and "meeting" with QA engineers, test automation experts, developers from all across the...

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Defect Tracking: 5 Common Reasons for Bug Rejection

As testers, defect tracking and reporting are key aspects within our role, as it is crucial to communicate such results back to our developers or higher management in order to...

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