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CI/CD Benefits, Challenges and Best Practices for Your Team

Automation has paved its way into almost every field now. From car assembly to prediction systems to testing software, automation is everywhere! Actually, we want it to be...

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Introducing OpenSDK: Open Source Automation Framework for... &

Great news for the community – Introducing OpenSDK 🎉 While developing powerful FREE tools for testers, we decided to help developers as well – making their life easier for...

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Announcing TestProject 2.0 Next Gen Release: Hybrid... &

You asked for it, and we listened! 🙌 One of our most requested features was to enable TestProject to operate on a completely offline, "on-premise" environment, while still...

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User Feedback Matters The Most

User feedback is crucial for any company on its road to success. The goal is not to develop features just for the sake of developing, but rather develop features that will...

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Mobile Automation Testing with iOS Simulators

We are excited to share that from TestProject Agent version 0.65.30 and above, you can now record codeless test automation on iOS simulators by using macOS and Xcode...

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Quality Assurance – What Is There To Talk About?

Well, the most important thing about quality assurance is to ensure that we do not put bugs into production... Or is it? 🤔 That might have been what I was thinking 9 years...

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Top 5 Virtual Testing Events You Must Attend in 2021

Online testing events are nothing new, but these days they seem to spring up like mushrooms after the rain 🍄 Just turn on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and you won’t...

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Codeless Automation Testing Misconceptions and Benefits

Codeless automation used to get a really bad rep. Testing professionals are still split on the subject, for some the idea that codeless automation tests are more harmful than...

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End-to-End Test Automation Without Limitations

Create your web or mobile tests with TestProject’s best-in-class codeless recorder, and store them on our secured hybrid cloud or locally offline.

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