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Testing Strategy for Hyperconnected World of IoT

What exactly does 'hyperconnected in the world of IoT' mean? 🤔 It is not only about controlling your smart devices. It is the convergence of hardware, software, and the...

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Shift Left and QA Responsibilities

You probably have heard this expression many times already. Shift-Left QA is a movement about changing the approach where we constantly improve the quality of the software. In the...

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TestProject’s Smart Recorder Adds AI-Powered Self-Healing Technology

TestProject is proud to unveil a major step forward as the leader in coded and codeless test automation. Following on our recent release of our updated developer OpenSDK, we have...

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Announcing TestProject’s New OpenSDK

TestProject is excited to announce the official release of its new, free OpenSDK 🎉 The vision of the OpenSDK is to provide a single, integrated interface to scripting with the...

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Don’t Miss Tricentis User Conference 2020!

TestProject is proud to be a sponsor of Tricentis User Conference 2020 on June 19th, 2020 at 12pm IST 🎉 This year marks the third annual Tricentis User Conference, which has...

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6 Breakthrough Functional Testing Trends for 2020

TestProject was proud to join forces this year with Flood and SpecFlow to conduct the first ever State of Open Source Testing Survey. Over 1,800 members of the Tricentis community...

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Why Online Testing Communities Bring Growth, Learning...

I remember when I was stagnating in my testing career. I was bored and uninspired. My approach to software testing was limited to what I was learning from those around me, and...

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TestProject Announces New Adaptive Wait Capability

Did you know? Simple async waits are believed to cause up to 45% of test flakiness and failures. TestProject’s new adaptive wait capability is smart enough to eliminate these...

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