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Is Mobile Testing A Challenge?

“As ironic as it seems, the challenge of a tester is to test as little as possible. Test less, but test smarter.” — Federico Toledo  The mobile application industry is...

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5 Common Mistakes in Test Automation

Quite recently, I gave a talk at Selenium Conference 2020 Virtual on How to build an automation framework with Selenium: Patterns and practices. In this session, I talked about...

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TestProject SDK (v1) vs. OpenSDK (v2)

Recently, we’ve released a completely new and open source SDK (v2) with Python, Java and C# bindings, named OpenSDK. The philosophy behind OpenSDK is to have a single SDK that...

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HTML Test Reports for Selenium & Appium Python...

As you might have read in the previous blog posts on the brand new TestProject Python SDK (Part 1 and Part 2), the SDK will generate great-looking HTML test reports and...

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Creating Mobile Appium Tests with TestProject Python SDK

In a previous blog post, you have seen how to get started with the brand new TestProject Python SDK and add the power of the TestProject platform to your existing Selenium-based...

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Getting Started with TestProject Python SDK

With the TestProject Python SDK, you can execute your Selenium and Appium tests using the power of the TestProject platform. This means you’ll benefit from automatic test...

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Announcing TestProject’s New OpenSDK

TestProject is excited to announce the official release of its new, free OpenSDK 🎉 The vision of the OpenSDK is to provide a single, integrated interface to scripting with the...

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Design Patterns in Test Automation

This article highlights the design patterns & architectural considerations to take into account when building a Selenium-based / Appium-based Test Automation Framework. The...

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