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Rex Jones II Rex Jones II

Rex Jones II has a passion for sharing knowledge about testing software. His background is development but enjoys testing applications.

Rex is an author, trainer, consultant, and former Board of Director for User Group: Dallas / Fort Worth Mercury User Group (DFWMUG) and member of User Group: Dallas / Fort Worth Quality Assurance Association (DFWQAA). In addition, he is a Certified Software Tester Engineer (CSTE) and has a Test Management Approach (TMap) certification.

Recently, Rex created a social network that demonstrate automation videos. In addition to the social network, he has written 6 Programming / Automation books covering VBScript the programming language for QTP/UFT, Java, Selenium WebDriver, and TestNG.

✔️ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/RexJonesII/videos
✔️ Facebook http://facebook.com/JonesRexII
✔️ Twitter https://twitter.com/RexJonesII
✔️ GitHub https://github.com/RexJonesII/Free-Videos
✔️ LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rexjones34/

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Cross Browser Testing In Selenium

In this article, we will dive into Cross Browser Testing. It is a testing type that verifies if an application works as expected across multiple browsers, operating systems, and...

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Test Automation Framework – Page Object Model Example

In this article, let us look at an example Page Object Model (POM) for a Test Automation Framework. POM is a popular design pattern with classes that represent each page of an...

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Test Automation Framework Benefits – POM, Selenium...,

In this series, we are going to dive into some benefits and examples of a Test Automation Framework. A framework is an architecture of integrated parts. Some of those integrated...

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Selenium IDE vs. Selenium AI-Powered Test Recorder

In this article, we will compare two Selenium Recorders: Selenium IDE and TestProject’s Selenium AI-Powered Test Recorder. Both are top-notch codeless automation tools. ...

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Selenium Automation Best Practices & Tips You Must Know

In this article, we will look at the best practices for Selenium automation from End-to-End. Selenium is by far one of the leading endeavors for testing a web-based application....

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Selenium WebDriver: From A to Z

In this series, my goal is to provide knowledge that will help you become a Selenium WebDriver Superstar! 🌟 There are 3 components in the Selenium family suite. Selenium...

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