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Rex Jones II Rex Jones II

Rex Jones II has a passion for sharing knowledge about testing software. His background is development but enjoys testing applications.

Rex is an author, trainer, consultant, and former Board of Director for User Group: Dallas / Fort Worth Mercury User Group (DFWMUG) and member of User Group: Dallas / Fort Worth Quality Assurance Association (DFWQAA). In addition, he is a Certified Software Tester Engineer (CSTE) and has a Test Management Approach (TMap) certification.

Recently, Rex created a social network that demonstrate automation videos. In addition to the social network, he has written 6 Programming / Automation books covering VBScript the programming language for QTP/UFT, Java, Selenium WebDriver, and TestNG.

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Selenium WebDriver: From A to Z

In this series, my goal is to provide knowledge that will help you become a Selenium WebDriver Superstar! 🌟 There are 3 components in the Selenium family suite. Selenium...

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Selenium 4 Relative Locators

In this 3rd Selenium 4 article, we will explore Relative Locators (formerly called Friendly Locators). The purpose of Relative Locators is to find a specific element regarding the...

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Selenium WebDriver 4: New Window, New Tab & Screenshots

In this 2nd Selenium 4 article, we are going dive into three Selenium WebDriver 4 features. The 1st Selenium 4 feature is switching focus to a new browser window. The 2nd Selenium...

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Selenium Switch Methods (Chapter 5)

In this 5th and final Selenium article, we will dive into the Switch Methods. Switch Methods are designed for switching to frames, alerts, and windows. Our Test Script must switch...

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Selenium 4 New Features

In this series of Selenium 4 articles, we will look into the entire Selenium suite. The suite includes Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid. Each component has...

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Selenium Wait Methods (Chapter 4)

In this 4th Selenium article, we will look at the Wait Method category. Wait Methods are a group of methods that pause execution between statements. Typically, Selenium executes...

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