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Rex Jones II Rex Jones II

Rex Jones II has a passion for sharing knowledge about testing software. His background is development but enjoys testing applications.

Rex is an author, trainer, consultant, and former Board of Director for User Group: Dallas / Fort Worth Mercury User Group (DFWMUG) and member of User Group: Dallas / Fort Worth Quality Assurance Association (DFWQAA). In addition, he is a Certified Software Tester Engineer (CSTE) and has a Test Management Approach (TMap) certification.

Recently, Rex created a social network that demonstrate automation videos. In addition to the social network, he has written 6 Programming / Automation books covering VBScript the programming language for QTP/UFT, Java, Selenium WebDriver, and TestNG.

✔️ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/RexJonesII/videos
✔️ Facebook http://facebook.com/JonesRexII
✔️ Twitter https://twitter.com/RexJonesII
✔️ GitHub https://github.com/RexJonesII/Free-Videos
✔️ LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rexjones34/

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The Selenium Handbook

The Selenium Handbook is a reference to understanding Selenium. By the end, you will know how to locate elements on a web page and create your own test scripts. Plus read about...

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Top 10 Reasons Why Test Automation Fails

In this article, we will investigate the Top 10 Reasons for Automation Failure. There are several benefits to automation such as receiving fast feedback, increasing efficiency,...

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Cross Browser Testing In Selenium

In this article, we will dive into Cross Browser Testing. It is a testing type that verifies if an application works as expected across multiple browsers, operating systems, and...

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Test Automation Framework – Page Object Model Example

In this article, let us look at an example Page Object Model (POM) for a Test Automation Framework. POM is a popular design pattern with classes that represent each page of an...

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Test Automation Framework Benefits – POM, Selenium...,

In this series, we are going to dive into some benefits and examples of a Test Automation Framework. A framework is an architecture of integrated parts. Some of those integrated...

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Selenium IDE vs. Selenium AI-Powered Test Recorder

In this article, we will compare two Selenium Recorders: Selenium IDE and TestProject’s Selenium AI-Powered Test Recorder. Both are top-notch codeless automation tools. ...

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