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Christina Thalayasingam Christina Thalayasingam

Christina is a Senior Test Engineer at Medidata Solutions by Dassault Systèmes with 6 years+ of experience in both Automation and Manual Testing. She also possesses strong skills in Test Automation with Selenium and Performance testing with Apache JMeter. She comes from the development background as she has worked on PHP Web Development and Android Mobile Development before taking up the Software QA Engineer role. She is passionate about learning new testing tools and technologies. She does have prior experience with software development. She was more inclined to automated testing.

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Let Your Team Enter the World of Full Stack Testing

Many teams aim only to have a bug free system. Seldom do they believe in delivering true quality. Rarely do they realize that skipping non-functional testing like performance and...

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Criteria for Selecting the Right Functional Testing Tools

Selecting the right functional testing tools is pivotal for any testing team. This would be a game-changing decision for testing teams who are moving into the world of automated...

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Continuous Testing Strategy to Revolutionize Product Quality

Continuous Integration has become part and parcel of the software world today. There is a conception that Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice, which is practiced...

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10 Commandments to Pen Down your Test Automation Plan

Quality engineers who are practicing test automation in their testing cycle or entering the world of automated testing should keep in mind that a solid test automation plan is key...

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Test Automation Is A Culture: Let Your Team Embrace It

Quality of any application or product you deliver is key to keep your reputation intact. The Quality Assurance process that you follow would be central to this. As new...

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