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Karen Teboulle Karen Teboulle

Community Relations Lead & Contributing Author at TestProject: https://testproject.io/. A rookie pianist that loves taking on challenges and connecting with fellow automation enthusiasts!

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TestProject is Coming to SeleniumConf London 2019!

The entire TestProject Team is very proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Official European Selenium Conference, which will be held in London on October 7-8th! ✨ Every year,...

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TestProject Cloud Based FREE Automation Platform for...

We are excited to announce TestProject has been acquired by Tricentis, the cloud's #1 continuous testing platform. TestProject will continue to expand its development center in...

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TestProject Lightning Talk @ AppiumConf 2019

AppiumConf is the official Appium Conference that was held this year in the incredible city of Bangalore - AKA the center of India's high-tech industry! The inspirational Appium...

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The Best Manual Test Case Templates

Manual tests scripts help testers document their test case scenarios that should be executed as part of the testing cycle. Typically such manual test case scripts include the...

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Test Distribution with Appium, Selenium Grid and TestProject

In this webinar, Jonathan Lipps (Appium's Architect and Project Lead) talks about mobile test distribution and describes what it takes to go from running your test suite on one...

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Test Automation Challenge – Share Your Superpowers!

A test automation challenge that will enable you to share your superpowers with the entire automation community!   What’s the challenge? This 15-minute test automation...

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