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Avatar Harish Rajora

I am a computer science engineer with more than five years of experience in writing. I love development and reading books. Gaining and sharing knowledge is the best way to develop as a community and produce things that help people all over the world!

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CI/CD Benefits, Challenges and Best Practices for Your Team

Automation has paved its way into almost every field now. From car assembly to prediction systems to testing software, automation is everywhere! Actually, we want it to be...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Command Line Interface (CLI)

Let’s start this post with a “high-tech” movie scene. The protagonist wants to enter a building and steal some confidential files but there are cameras everywhere. He hires...

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TDD vs. BDD – Difference and Similarities

Product development always starts with planning. Planning helps the developers give direction and learn the motives in a better way. In the earlier days, we would gather the...

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The Ultimate Guide to GitOps

Let’s start this post by reviewing the software development history. If you have pursued an education in computer science or a related field, you are probably familiar with a...

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Top 10 CI/CD Tools – Which is Best for You?

With the changes in the software development life cycles (SDLC), the overall process of deploying the code to the server has also transformed. Previously, we used to test the code...

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End-to-End Test Automation Without Limitations

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