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Avatar Corina Pip

Corina is a Test & Automation Lead, with focus on testing by means of Java, Selenium, TestNG, Spring, Maven, and other cool frameworks and tools. Previous endeavours from her 11+ years testing career include working on navigation devices, in the online gaming industry, in the aviation software and automotive industries.
Apart from work, Corina is a testing blogger (https://imalittletester.com/) and a GitHub contributor (https://github.com/iamalittletester).
She is the creator of a wait based library for Selenium testing (https://github.com/iamalittletester/thewaiter) and creator of “The Little Tester” comic series (https://imalittletester.com/category/comics/). She also tweets at @imalittletester.

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Using Selenium WebDriver Waits as Retries in Your Tests

The topic of Selenium tests failing due to timing issues comes up quite a lot. Random failures are attributed to the interaction being done too early, when the page has either not...

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Using Java Enums in Test Automation

When deciding what data types to use for storing test data, you might want something that: Allows the declaration of several properties Has no behavior or has minimal...

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Tips for Working with IFs in Java

Our Java test automation code is full of 'if' blocks. There is always some condition we need to evaluate. Based on the result of the condition evaluation, we need to execute some...

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Java Test Automation Good Practices

In my previous post on the TestProject blog, I looked at some common good practices for having clean code in your automation project. Now, let's focus on some Java test automation...

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Clean Code in Tests: What, Why and How?

As testers, we want the features we release to the customers to have a high level of quality. It should be the same with the code we write for our automation tests. We want to...

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Using Java Objects for Comparing API and DB Test Data

Automated tests deal with a lot of information comparison, where expected values are compared against actual ones. In certain situations, a test must compare a very large number...

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