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Brijesh Deb

Brijesh Deb is a  Test Consultant with Beround and has over 2 decades of experience in leading, managing and coaching teams on Software Testing and embracing the Agile mindset. 

Being a hands-on tester helps him stay close to technology and understand the intricacies. He is involved in testing of products from lightweight mobile apps to large scale industrial IoT solutions. He works with some of the top most high tech companies providing everyday solutions in sectors such as Automotive, Semiconductor, Material science, etc.

Brijesh is an Agile transformation agent with the objective of helping organizations in achieving customer excellence with a focus on delivering maximum value to customers, stakeholders and teams with emphasis on cultural change driven by collaboration at all levels.

He lives in the Netherlands with his wife and 2 years old son. He loves singing rhymes with his son. He’s a wordsmith and writes on LinkedIn. He has a passion for Anthropology and loves to study human behavior.