How to Find Elements with Selenium WebDriver 3?

The following tutorial is a complete guide for Creating a basic Selenium test automation framework with C#, Selenium WebDriver 3, Page Object Pattern and support for multiple browsers and data driven. In the last tutorial, we learned how to inspect...

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Create a Test Automation Framework with C#, Selenium Webdriver &...

The following test automation tutorial is a complete guide to create a basic Selenium test automation framework with: C# Multiple Browser Support Selenium WebDriver 3 Page Object Pattern Data Driven Support Tutorial Overview: Class 1 - Creating an...

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How to Use Data Driven with Selenium Test Suite

This tutorial is the final step in Creating a Test Automation framework with C#, Selenium Webdriver 3 and Nunit. After Creating a functional testing flow with multiple test cases in the previous tutorial, we’ll now learn how to use data driven with...

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How to Create a Test Suite in Selenium WebDriver and C#

After completing the test automation framework we’ve developed with Selenium, c# and Nunit, with the following quick tutorial you'll learn to create a test suite in Selenium WebDriver.   Tutorial Overview: Class 1 - Creating an Automated Test...

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Selenium Quiz – Test Your Knowledge!

How well do you think you know Selenium WebDriver? Test your knowledge with this most up to date Selenium quiz! TestProject's test automation professionals have created this Selenium quiz  consisting of 8 questions   in order to help you master...

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JavaScript Unit Testing with TDD, Jasmine and Karma

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a tool combination which will make JavaScript unit testing so much easier. Jasmine and Karma combined will save you hours of testing. First, let’s understand what exactly are TDD, Jasmine and Karma. Test...

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