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Avatar Andreea Draniceanu

Andreea is a QA engineer, experienced in web and desktop applications, and always looking to improve her automation skills and knowledge. Her current focus is automation testing with C#.

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Advanced XPath Locators for UI Test Automation

XPath is one of the most important locators we use in Selenium when we need to interact with elements that don't have unique IDs, names, or classes. Some XPaths are quite...

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Working with pseudo-elements in Selenium

What is a pseudo-element? There may be times when, while writing UI web automated tests, you will come across some elements that look like this: These are called...

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10 Common Git Commands Everyone Should Know

Version control (sometimes referred to as source control) plays an important role in any development project, including test automation. It's the practice of tracking and...

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Launch Appium Automation Tests in Under 10 Minutes

Appium has become almost synonymous with mobile test automation, as it's the most popular tool for testing mobile apps. And why shouldn't it be? It's free, open-source, it's...

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Working with Cookies in Selenium Automated Tests

Cookies, or HTTP cookies, are pieces of data stored on the user's computer containing information about the user and the user's preference on a specific website. For example, a...

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Codeless Automation Testing Misconceptions and Benefits

Codeless automation used to get a really bad rep. Testing professionals are still split on the subject, for some the idea that codeless automation tests are more harmful than...

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